The platform for consulting engineers and technical designers of building technology

The platform for consulting engineers and technical designers of building technology

We provide a variety of tools and non-proprietary information to make your work easier and more efficient. Our offering is consolidated on a single platform and helps you deliver the best solution for your customers. Comfortable and safe buildings are becoming more and more important. Scroll down to see how you can optimize the building planning process. Let’s work together to create perfect places.   

Constant change

Stay up-to-date

Like you, we are experiencing changes in our markets, including cost pressures, progressive digitalization, steadily growing requirements for greater energy efficiency and sustainable buildings, increasing fire safety requirements, environmental requirements and much more. For these reasons, we have consolidated our collective expertise on this platform so you can find what you need without lengthy searches. All information is presented in an easy-to-understand format and is always up to date.

Efficiency begins with proper planning

Our goal is to reduce your workload and give you time to focus on your core business. To help you accomplish this, we provide you with the building equipment data you need. And with proven planning tools that include a number of preconfigured solutions and proven individual elements designed to relieve you of routine tasks. You will find comprehensive information about our certified product portfolio and extensive BIM data. In addition, our references will show you particularly interesting applications of our technology for all building types.

Market trends

Latest market trends at a glance

Project phases

Ideal support in every project phase

Optimal preparation

Even before the official start of a project, there are many tasks we can help you with, for example with tools or documents that will facilitate your communications with the customer and support your argumentation. Among other things, we offer a tool that highlights the special benefits of an integrated valve and actuator portfolio. In addition, we provide you with the BIM data from our portfolio to ensure that you always have the right information at your fingertips regarding dimensions, the necessary mounting space, interfaces and much more.

Planning efficiently and meaningfully

Rely on proven tools for developing your preliminary plan. Our Energy Performance Classification Tool (EPC) is based on EN 15232 and will quickly and reliably provide information that helps you evaluate the selected building automation function. If you would like to submit a concrete product proposal during this phase, HIT provides you with more than 300 preconfigured HVAC applications for standard controllers (Synco™, Sigmagyr™, DXR2), including the necessary documentation and price calculation. See for yourself how you can develop your first concept faster and with less effort.

Developing sound proposals

When things get serious, you can count on our support. We offer you proven tools for subtasks and all the information you need for planning, including VDI and BIM data. In addition, you can use the Energy Efficiency Calculation Tool (EEC) to show your customers how optimized building automation for actual buildings and systems will result in valuable energy savings. In addition, this platform offers fast access to an extensive collection of important documents that supply you with the information you need to accelerate your planning. Perhaps most importantly, as your partner we give you access to our local specialists. If you have specific questions about a project, they are just a phone call away and will be happy to assist you.

Creating specifications safely and reliably

For the specification of your project, we offer you comprehensive support with functional as well as product-specific tendering texts.

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Always at your side

Our support is not limited to this platform. If you have specific questions about a product or an actual reference project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have technical questions or comments? If so, simply contact our technical support.

Worldwide references

Successful planning – efficient implementation

Planning expertise and convincing technologies: an unbeatable combination that has proven itself worldwide. Take a look at our references to see for yourself – or ask us about sample projects that are relevant to your issues and locations.
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