Home isn't just a building

It's a feeling. When you don’t feel safe, it’s impossible to feel at home, and security becomes the heart of the problem but also the solution. Currently, our market-leading CCTV enables 23 million people across 2.7 million square feet to feel at home. #CreatingPerfectPlaces
Creating Perfect, Safe Places

Ingenuity for feeling safe and at home, everywhere

Home means a lot of things to lots of different people, but what it will always mean is safe.  And home isn’t just the four walls we grow up in. Home is the city, village, town or countryside in which we live. It’s where we go for retail therapy, for holidays, to travel, to feel better. If we don’t feel safe in these places, it’s impossible to feel at home. And who wouldn’t want to feel at home, everywhere? 

We know it’s impossible to feel at home when you don’t feel safe. Through the latest innovations, we’ve created a range of CCTV and security solutions that can adapt to every building, sector or space, to help millions of people feel safe every day.

When 90% of our lives are spent indoors, we owe it to ourselves to create perfect places where we can thrive. Two shopping centres in Scotland, that are at the heart of the East Kilbride and Livingston communities, have seen dramatic benefits after installing Siveillance VMS 300, a powerful, open IP video management software platform, not just for the visitors, but also for the security team and centre staff.

Ingenuity for building safe communities

Ingenuity for building safe communities not concrete jungles.

No two sites are the same. Our engineers spend weeks understanding your current systems and requirements to create a bespoke solution for every space, no matter the sector. Siemens’ commitment is to review your existing security systems and devices with a view to keeping viable technologies,whilst upgrading the systems to a new IP management platform to deliver a greater level of intelligence and system functionality.  We work with the people on the ground, because who knows the building better than the team walking its perimeters everyday?
Siemens have been one of our partners for over seven and half years, with a number of their cameras already installed in the centre. We wanted to upgrade our CCTV system in order to improve image quality; with the old system, it would take hours to track looking through the old tapes. Now, we can pinpoint a time and pull images off multiple cameras in minutes. Ultimately we chose Siemens for the upgrade because of the abilities of the system, the competitive cost, and the practicalities of installing their solution.
Ian McKelland, Centre Director, EK, East Kilbride Shopping Centre
The Siveillance security solution

One CCTV system. Unlimited possibilities.

Buildings are evolving all the time, and the security installed needs to adapt at the same time too. From moving cameras, to bolting on additional software, Siveillance VMS 300 allows you to tackle the needs of today and be ready to seamlessly integrate solutions for tomorrow. This agile approach is achieved with an aftercare service package that means we’re with you from first enquiry to installation and beyond; helping you get the most out of your CCTV solution and evolve with the changing needs and technology of the modern world. 
Download the full case study to see how to create perfect places through smarter CCTV solutions.


Our Security Expertise

Creating Safe, Perfect Places

With decades of security expertise, we have a whole portfolio of integrated and intelligent services and products to help you create spaces that feel like home. From intuitive temperature control that reacts to changing weather conditions, to analytics that that can advise on energy consumption hot spots, we make perfect places possible. 

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