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Siemens is a leading provider of innovative security, fire safety and building automation solutions with the flexibility to deliver both stand-alone and integrated solutions across all disciplines. Increasing security breaches, rising threat levels, regulatory requirements and business continuity– these are just some of the challenges that today’s security solutions need to address. Your organisation can benefit from advanced and feature-rich security technologies that offer full protection of assets, provide vital information and intelligence, improve HSE activities and deliver automated and responsive control of site operations. All with holistic cyber security protection.

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Creating a security culture

Sharing knowledge and expertise

We protect people and assets, delivering resilience, determining threat levels and minimising vulnerabilities.


Our focus is the delivery of end-to-end security solutions and supporting you through the process of system design, integration, installation, project management, commissioning and lifecycle maintenance.

Our projects range from standalone security systems to fully integrated and networked solutions.

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Building trust with our customers

Count on our capabilities

Our people are focused on attaining the highest standards in supporting companies through the process of system design, installation, project execution, commissioning and lifecycle maintenance. Our team has the relevant experience, qualifications, and competencies to ensure that performance criteria are delivered, and timescales are met. 


High on the agenda is working with our customers to improve regulatory compliance and to meet each project’s specific operational standards.


Relevant standards include: NSI NACOSS Gold, Safecontractor, Achilles UVDB, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, ISO 45001, Achilles Services Community, RSSB RISQS, Human Focus, Altius.  

Integrated systems

A systematic approach

By offering fully integrated security solutions, Siemens ensures the safety of your people, buildings and assets. This encompasses a fusion of protection measures including physical, personnel and cyber security.


A multi-layered approach will deliver the optimum combination of deterrence and detection, as well as assist in the delay of any breach. Our high performance technologies improve the assessment, management and resolution of critical situations, the distribution of crucial data and the co-ordination of resources.


In line with the need for both the public and private sectors to lower costs, our standalone and integrated solutions will enable improved operational performance, safer communities, safer business and improved shared services. 

The value of integrated systems

Deep integration of security systems and devices enables centralised situational awareness, improved information and intelligence, effective response to incidents and the proper co-ordination of resources. Security operatives are able to accelerate their response to alerts and manage risk before it escalates to a more serious incident. 

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Enhancing our customer delivery with supply chain partners

Our focus is to achieve the best outcome for our customers, and because we work with multiple security technologies and suppliers, we can advise on the right equipment to meet your needs, now and in the future.


Our integration capabilities mean you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge of technologies and software from an increasingly diverse electronic security market, a market that is constantly evolving, with an ever-widening array of advancing and converging technologies. 


Whilst Siemens offers its own security portfolio, we also understand and review the performance of multiple security technologies and platforms. This then enables us to design, build, integrate and deliver systems that best meet customer expectations and demand.


We believe a resilient supply chain helps us deliver more to our customers by offering greater choice, more opportunities for innovation and, importantly, being able to better meet customer expectations and demand.  Collaboration and alignment with our supply chain is key to adapting to the evolving interests of our customers, enabling us to offer best value and ensuring the quality of our services. 


Below are some examples of our extensive supply chain partners.

Plan your security strategy

The implementation of any comprehensive risk management policy should involve a multi-layered approach, starting at the perimeter and building to an estate-wide integrated solution, with the objective of deterring and delaying a potential incident.

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Smart security management

At the heart of security and safety systems is a smart security management platform that will mitigate risk, reduce the consequences of a breach and deliver vital information and intelligence. The ability to integrate multiple security technologies will improve situational awareness of your entire site, facilitate an effective response to critical incidents and provide instant mobilisation of resources.


A key advantage of investing in new software is the ability to integrate and control legacy devices and harness your existing investment in security technologies, whilst creating a safe, automated working environment. Modern platforms support industry standard operating systems and protocols; incorporating multiple third-party devices and enabling the integration of both new and legacy systems into one user experience.

Further protection technologies

Controlling many thousands of cameras and access control points…

Siemens is delivering high-level security at Expo 2020 Dubai, opening in October 2021.

At its core is Siveillance Control Pro, Siemens’ state-of-the-art security management system, integrating multiple security devices, fire alarm data and communications systems, plus video analysis powered by artificial intelligence. Siemens’ technologies span 137 buildings across Expo 2020, making it a blueprint for a safe, secure and sustainable campus!

Full lifecycle support for your security investment

Our security service programmes offer access to high level skills and provide the choice and flexibility that ensure the reliable, efficient operation of your security equipment. The recruitment, training and retention of competent personnel is given high priority and there is a comprehensive management process to support and measure engineer performance, productivity and quality. 


To support these solutions and ensure a high level of system resilience, our comprehensive security service offering will maximise the performance of your investment, even if we didn’t supply your original system. We not only have extensive knowledge of our own installed technologies, but also a wide range of security manufacturers’ systems, products and devices.


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Managing the rising cyber threat

Gone are the days when cyber attacks only threatened a company’s information technology systems. Today, operational technology systems are also at risk. Thanks to the interconnectedness of operational and information technology as well as the increasing number of intelligent devices, there are many more points of entry into a company’s systems. This paper explores cybersecurity and the steps to take to ward off potential threats.


We take a holistic approach to Cyber Security ensuring all security technologies and solutions are ‘Secure by Design’ and operational environments are protected with the key principles of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability on deployment and through to maintenance. This protects your people and assets at all times by delivering in-depth defence of our products, solutions and services against a complex and ever-changing threat landscape. And to stay ahead of the curve, we initiated the global Charter of Trust to improve cyber security standards and best practice. 


In recognition of high cyber security standards, Siemens UK has been awarded Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) certification. 

White paper: Protecting business continuity against cyber threats

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Our commitment


  • Advanced, integrated protection solutions that manage risk and ensure business continuity
  • Situational awareness and deployment of resources
  • Analysis and better intelligence
  • Dynamic technologies that update legacy systems
  • Compliance with customer specific requirements and national regulations
  • Improved costs through technological convergence and shared service
  • Long term efficiencies from lifecycle support and maintenance
  • High quality engineering resources and skills
  • Zero harm HSE culture
  • Holistic cyber security

And finally - some key statistics on Siemens security solutions...

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