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Web-based access request management

Siveillance Identity™ Self-Service Portal is an intuitive web-based portal that offers in-house access request management across multiple sites. Designed to streamline and simplify access request management processes, the portal’s automated approval workflows can be easily configured, enforced and audited, and allow employees and decision makers alike to handle access privileges more efficiently.

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The comprehensive access management system with self-service portal

Designed with the needs of small to enterprise-scale companies in mind and adhering to company policies and regulations, Siveillance Identity Self-Service Portal is the ideal choice for manufacturing industries, offices, higher education, financial and insurance companies looking for the optimal solution to simplify their access approval management and to boost operational productivity, transparency and security.

The comprehensive access management system with self-service portal 

The necessity of manual operation as well as the amount of time usually spent on emails and phone calls clarifying the situation and involving multiple stakeholders is significantly reduced, lightening the workload of security officers and operators alike – saving time and money. Thanks to Siveillance Identity Self-Service Portal all stages of the request and approval process are clearly traceable, thus increasing both transparency and security within the company, making it easy to meet both internal and external compliance requirements in an audit-proof manner.


Developed using state-of-the-art technology, Siveillance Identity integrates easily into the customer’s IT infrastructure. Thanks to user-centric design with self-explanatory menu structures, online context sensitive help and tool tips, the intuitive user interface (UI) is fully aligned with Siemens’ new UI concept. Easy to use and accessible from any device, this also means low training and IT costs for maximum operational efficiency.


Siveillance Identity Self-Service Portal offers streamlined and simplified access management that significantly reduces manual operations. Transparency and compliance with company policies are improved through an intuitive and user-friendly interface and easy to configure audit workflows. 


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