Siveillance Perimeter

Siveillance Perimeter

Securing from the outside what counts inside

Fences, walls, intelligent detection technology, and state-of-the-art surveillance measures: today, the options relating to comprehensive perimeter protection of a property are more diverse and complex than ever. Whether at airports, in small or medium-sized companies, in forensics institutions or correctional facilities, industrial properties with high security requirements, in logistics or chemicals organizations, solar plants, external storage or power plants: appropriate protection measures help to prevent or minimize damage. They contribute to early detection of attacks and support a rapid initiation of countermeasures in the event of imminent danger. Siveillance Perimeter combines individual bricks into the protection concept that have only one goal: your security.

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All for one: Your perfect solution

There are multi diverse threat scenarios for every individual infrastructure, therefore Siemens defines with you together your particular protection goals. With this knowledge and our experience, we will select the perfect components from different manufacturers’ portfolios, thereby creating the best integration options - suitable for your new or existing infrastructure.

To start with: risk analysis

In matter of fact, the feeling of security is subjective and individual. Therefore, we initially analyze your actual security requirements and based on this, we will develop an integrated protection concept that includes all security-relevant questions related to perimeter protection. We record the types of potential threats to your perimeter and the matching profiles of potential attackers. After a site visit and interviews, we will work on an individual security profile with you. During this process, we must consider that there may be two scenarios for property threats: targeted and random criminal activities. Targeted criminal activities include break-ins, theft, espionage, holdups, and taking of hostages. Random criminal activities include vandalism and demonstrations with people ready to use violence. Expected damage and the likelihood of it occurring determine the risk potential from which protection goals and measures can be derived.

Your property can be threatened from any direction. Dividing the perimeter into four clearly structured sectors helps to adapt different mechanical and electronic protection measures to each other. Furthermore, you can adapt your perimeter protection to your current security requirements using security levels.

The three typical security levels


The sensor information is turned to “passive”, meaning messages are displayed only, no active alarms will be generated. Alarms are switched off and intervention staff will not be notified.


Standard security

Most sensor information is active. At this level, the sector concept with intelligent sensor dependencies is used. A low rate of false alarm and high security levels ensure solid operations. A minimum of two sectors is always active, creating closed perimeter protection.


Increased security

All sensor information is active. The sensors in all sectors and zones can generate alarms independently of each other when triggered, therefore ensuring highly sensitive perimeter protection. Based on the highly sensitive setting of the sensors, however, there is an increased risk of false alarms. Weather-related or physical impact, in particular, can influence the rate of false alarms.


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