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Advanced protection for people, assets and services     

Siemens is a leading provider of innovative fire safety, security and building automation solutions with the flexibility to deliver both stand-alone and integrated solutions across all disciplines. Our capabilities in fire safety include the manufacture, design, installation, integration, commissioning and lifecycle support of life critical systems and we employ an extensive product research and development team to ensure our risk management portfolio remains innovative; to date we have delivered over 100 million fire detection devices worldwide. We create safe environments, delivering first-rate protection, maintaining business continuity and managing risk. In particular we operate in challenging environments where specialist fire safety knowledge and services are required.

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Holistic fire safety

As demands on organisations grow more complex, the requirement for interoperable, advanced fire safety is a necessity. You can rely on our innovative solutions to stay up to date with the latest technological developments. With state-of-the-art detection, alarming, evacuation, extinguishing and fire management systems, we can provide tailored solutions that offer maximum protection, meet high standards and deliver business continuity.

Smart, comprehensive fire safety solutions

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Last year we reached our 80th anniversary in fire detection…

That means 80 years of developing, delivering and supporting high-level fire safety systems.

Today Sinteso is our latest, and smartest, detection system yet. Smart because our Sinteso fire alarm system offers you not only advanced detection, but also innovative lifecycle care.

Sinteso Quick Benefit Guide

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Smart fire detection with Sinteso

The Sinteso range of advanced detection technology is designed to reduce the overall cost of system ownership over several years, by offering high asset availability and more efficient use of engineering manpower through single rather than dual manpower testing. The reliability and intelligence of the Sinteso detector is unrivalled, not only does it offer you the highest levels of protection for your people and assets at all times, but also in-built analytics mean zero false fire alarms.  

Unwanted fire alarms put lives at risk

Unwanted fire alarms caused by equipment make up circa two-thirds of all false alarms, a figure that is unacceptably high. Plus, most are caused by poor quality technology or badly maintained systems.


At Siemens we believe fire detection systems simply shouldn’t cause unwanted alarms... ever.


Our SMART Sinteso fire safety technology eliminates the issue of false alarms for our customers. That’s because in-built analytics within each detector determine the size and concentration of airborne particles, immediately recognising the difference between smoke, and false triggers such as dust and steam. This means Sinteso offers unparalleled reliability, with total immunity to false alarms.

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Impact and cost of false fire alarms

Aspirating Smoke Detection - the solution for demanding environments

For high risk and challenging environments that cannot be managed with conventional detection and very early and accurate fire detection is paramount to safety, risk management and business continuity, Siemens Aspirating Smoke Detectors (ASDs) are deployed.

Smart panels make more difference than you think...

Our portfolio of innovative smart fire panels includes the Sinteso FC2080 which is considerably more powerful than most panels on the market.


As one single unit it can manage up to 5,000 peripheral devices and detectors, as well as store circa 13,000 events in its memory. It delivers maximum system availability due to multiple redundancies, and in the event of power failure it will maintain functionality, as well as enable continuity of alarms.


It has been specially developed to manage larger, complex fire systems that demand the highest safety standards. 

Sinteso FC2080 control panel – unique, reliable and flexible

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Clean fire extinguishing

Silence please!  Siemens Sinorix Silent Nozzle prevents damage to vital IT data  

Our Sinorix Silent Nozzle has been developed to counter the potential damage to hard disk drives (HDDs) when using gas suppression systems to extinguish fire in data centres and critical data environments.


The technology ensures that noise levels during extinguishing remain below critical levels. These comparatively low levels do not pose a risk to hard drives and, at the same time, enable efficient distribution of the extinguishing agent. In addition, the discharge of the gas and the sound is focused in a predefined direction, which also prevents sound-generated HDD problems.  Plus the Silent Nozzle can be installed as part of a new Silent Extinguishing system or retrofitted to an existing system, in a matter of hours.


In contrast, gas extinguishing systems using conventional nozzle technology often reach a noise level in excess of 130 dB, which is equivalent to the take-off of a fighter jet! 

Solutions for critical assets

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Voice alarm and evacuation 

An essential element of ensuring life safety is the ability to manage phased and orderly evacuation in the event of an emergency. Siemens offers sophisticated audio streaming voice systems for automated and live messaging, that deliver high performance messages across multi-level, multi-occupancy estates and also operate as an advanced public address system.


Studies reveal that many people do not know how to react to conventional alarms such as bells or sirens. Many assume that it is a test or false alarm, others remain confused and unsure of what to do. In the event of a fire or major alert, rapid and orderly evacuation is the highest priority. Comprehensive messages about the nature of the incident and the appropriate action to take, using clear language, minimise the potential for panic or confusion.


Our systems are highly scalable and compliant with relevant British and European standards. They are fully configurable and can be divided into zones to ensure appropriate messaging across particular areas, and are capable of integration to third party systems via an application program interface. Importantly, they offer advanced sound quality and significant storage capacity for automatic and live messaging, as well as multiple background music files.

Bringing it all together with Desigo CC 

Desigo CC is a fire safety management platform that delivers greater visibility of events and alarms, facilitating a fast and efficient response, displaying the status of fire detection devices in real time and improving safety by adopting a rule-based response to incidents.


Fire safety incidents can emanate from multiple sources and devices and your operatives will find the software responsive, intuitive and comprehensive, providing increased situational awareness and an automated workflow.

Desigo CC fire management platform

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Keeping pace with a fire technology roadmap

Siemens fire systems are designed to enable seamless migration to keep pace with advancing technology. Furthermore, Siemens’ migration methodologies mean upgrade costs are significantly lower than full system replacement.


Our approach is to work closely with customers to review their current requirements, and then integrate features and functionality that meet their expected future demand. This methodology enables us to manage the transition without disruption to services and minimise implementation time.


Count on our capabilities

Our people are trained to identify and assist with customer requirements, risks and business operation. In support of this, our engineering teams are committed to interpreting customer specifications, CDM requirements, ensuring the relevant legislation and British Standards are met, and the impact on health, safety and the environment are considered. To ensure full compliance to the relevant BS, EN and LPCB standards and legislations, in-house training is provided by our specialist teams both at UK level and at our international headquarters.


For fire detection systems we carry LPS 1014 approval and this very much predetermines our approach to design and design management; for fire extinguishing we hold LPS 1204. All of our operational staff from sales through engineering and into management are fully trained, through an accredited course, on all parts of BS 5839. This is the code of practice that prescribes the manner in which fire systems are designed, installed and serviced in the UK. Further relevant standards include: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, SafeContractor, Human Focus and Altius.  

CIBSE approved seminars from Siemens

Modern, intelligent fire safety systems offer solutions for many of the challenges facing the construction sector today. Siemens hosts specialist CPD approved tutorials to address the issues of delivering a safe working environment by mitigating the risk of fire and incorporating the correct protection measures.

Full lifecycle support for your fire safety investment

As well as choosing the right technology, you also need to consider future test, inspection and maintenance, as these will play an important role in ensuring your investment continues to deliver high level performance and long-term value. With Siemens as your service provider, you are not only benefitting from the best of technologies, but also enhanced product knowledge, accountability and high-level support.


Siemens is focused on delivering high quality service and maintenance for life safety and fire systems to multiple sites across the UK. We employ many fire industry experts actively involved in UK fire industry working groups; these highly skilled professionals provide second line support to all field operatives, keeping them abreast of all the current regulations and compliance issues. Our people are trained to identify and assist with customer requirements, risks and business operations.


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