Maintaining fire safety peak performance

Supporting your investment in fire safety technology

A fire detection system only operates correctly when all its components, including detectors, call points and sounders are fully integrated to form a robust infrastructure, managed centrally from a control panel. These devices must work together seamlessly to ensure that their ability to rapidly detect, verify and notify the presence of fire remains uncompromised.

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Siemens fire safety portfolio

Support - now and in the future

As well as choosing the right technology, you also need to consider future test, inspection and maintenance, as these will play an important role in ensuring your investment continues to deliver high level performance and long-term value. With Siemens as your manufacturer and service provider, you are not only benefiting from the best of technologies, but also enhanced product knowledge, accountability and high-level support.


Fire and life safety systems that are properly maintained and serviced to the highest correct standards will ensure full protection for your people and assets. Our skilled engineering team will help you remain fully compliant, as well as assist in the proper inspection, testing and maintenance procedures.


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Skilled engineering teams supported by industry experts

Our engineering teams are trained to react to fault calls, diagnose any issues and quickly find solutions. They support customers with a full inventory of spare parts and specialist diagnostic equipment to ensure a high level of system reliability and early resolution of any concerns.

Unique Sinteso Smart Test

Key to supporting customers is our innovative approach to fire system testing through the use of smart tools and applications to fully support your Sinteso fire investment. Our unique Smart Test enables all systems to be tested without losing any coverage, even during normal working hours, and without causing costly unwanted evacuations. The outcome means business continuity is ensured, fire safety performance is maintained, and engineering resources are utilised more efficiently.

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Remote services

Siemens’ common Remote Service Platform (cRSP) enables our engineers to remotely diagnose and repair faults and this mix of remote and onsite engineering support for your Sinteso fire safety system has a significant impact on achieving a first-time fix, improving customer service and making best use of manpower resources.


In recognition of the need to protect your data, Siemens is one of the first companies worldwide to develop an information security management system for remote services conforming to ISO/IEC 27001. This facilitates the monitoring of the system end-to-end as an IT infrastructure, and includes health monitoring, anomaly detection, cyber penetration and intrusion attempts. Additionally, it encompasses patching and updates as required.


Operate your fire protection system from anywhere using terminals, visualisation software or apps. Stationary or mobile, on site or remotely, your Sinteso fire protection system can be operated from anywhere ‒ easily, safely and conveniently. View events, faults, alarms and status messages and execute actions via PC, tablet and smart phone or use a terminal that is installed directly at the workplace.

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Online portal services 

Siemens’ Service Portal is a new online resource that will enable you to request support, monitor maintenance and generate performance reports. It will create greater transparency on service and maintenance performance, enable instant access for your safety and security team and improve communication.


Role-based access ensures only authorised personnel have permission to view sensitive information. With built-in security features and future-proof technology, the platform provides these benefits whilst ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, reliability and availability of all data.

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Migrating fire safety whilst remaining operational

To ensure all elements of your fire safety system remain fully operational, it is important that we continually review the best migration roadmap, identify the building specific priorities for upgrade and ensure full system availability across your organisation. This approach ensures the future performance of critical fire safety systems for many years ahead, removes the potential for future high capital costs and delivers future cost certainty.

Upgrade to advanced Sinteso detection

Migration from Siemens AlgoRex to our latest fire protection system, Sinteso, can be achieved with the minimum of disruption and expense. Not only will you benefit from improved fire safety performance, but you will also have the reassurance of a seamless transition as all our technology has full backward compatibility. As with all Siemens fire technology, the reliability and intelligence of our detectors means zero unwanted alarms, now and in the future.

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Modernise with Desigo CC software

Siemens is now phasing out the MM8000 fire safety platform and working with our customers to transition to a modern, advanced software platform, Desigo CC. This new software brings significant improvements in the management of fire alarm systems, providing greater visibility of events and alarms, facilitating a fast and efficient response and improving safety by adopting a rule-based response to incidents.

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