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We focus on advanced, smart technology solutions that control energy consumption, enable an automated workspace, maintain business continuity, manage risk and consolidate resources. This is achieved with end-to-end solutions that focus on smart buildings, energy management systems, IoT solutions, smart apps, advanced electronic security and high-level fire protection. We build long-term partnerships by understanding our customers’ business objectives and supporting their requirement to create value for their client base. These stem from our core capabilities include product manufacture, software development, technology integration, system design, turnkey installation and lifecycle maintenance support. Our technical leadership, integration skills and experience mean that our customers benefit from the very best solutions, drawn from both our own and the industry’s ever-widening array of advancing and converging technologies.

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We have a commitment to excellence, based on understanding our customers’ business objectives and developing close working partnerships.

Excellence means attaining the highest standards in supporting you through the process of system design, integration, installation, project management, commissioning and lifecycle maintenance. Our projects range from non-complex modular systems in the standalone disciplines of security, fire safety and smart spaces, to fully integrated and networked solutions.

Our objective is to deliver tangible, measurable business benefits by providing advanced solutions, based on mutual understanding and the highest professional standards and integrity. It is this approach, developed from nearly 8 decades of experience that has enabled us to build lasting alliances with many of the UK’s top 500 companies.

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Putting customers first

Our objective is to work collaboratively with our customers to discover their key value aspirations and offer visionary smart solutions to enhance their operations. For example, deeper integration across their estate to create a more automated, holistic solution that would deliver greater situational awareness, intelligence, information and cost savings. 

Design and delivery services

Health & Safety at Siemens means Zero Harm                                

Our Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens programme protects our people and your people by following three basic principles:


1. Zero accidents - it is achievable

2. Health & Safety - no compromises

3. We take care of each other - people are our greatest asset


Solutions and technologies

The Siemens product portfolio encompasses multiple technologies and systems that offer high level protection and create sustainability. In addition, our access to an extensive and expert supply chain means we can harness our supplier relationships to deliver multi-disciplined solutions incorporating all elements of a complex, integrated project.  

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For protection + smart solutions, come direct to Siemens

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please contact us direct: 0844 892 1033 option 4 or click on the button for further options.