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We focus on advanced technology solutions that maintain business continuity, manage risk, consolidate resources, control energy costs and enable an automated workspace. This is achieved with end-to-end solutions that focus on the delivery of advanced electronic security, high-level fire protection, energy management systems and smart building automation. We build long term partnerships by understanding our customers’ business objectives and supporting their requirement to create value for their client base. These stem from our core capabilities in product manufacture, software development, technology integration, system design, turnkey installation and lifecycle maintenance support. Our technical leadership, integration skills and experience mean that our customers benefit from the very best solutions, drawn from both our own and the industry’s ever-widening array of advancing and converging technologies.

We have a commitment to excellence, based on understanding our customers’ business objectives through close working partnerships and delivering some of the most advanced technology in the world.

We are focused on attaining the highest standards in supporting you through the process of system design, integration, installation, project management, commissioning and lifecycle maintenance. Our projects range from non-complex modular systems in the standalone disciplines of security, fire safety and smart spaces, to fully integrated and networked solutions.

Our objective is to deliver tangible, measurable business benefits by providing advanced solutions, based on mutual understanding and the highest professional standards and integrity. It is this approach, developed from nearly 8 decades of experience that has enabled us to build lasting alliances with many of the UK’s top 500 companies.

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Business profile

Our design and delivery services


Customer demands are changing in response to emerging technologies and new business models; Siemens will support you in successfully managing the transition to innovative digital solutions, data-driven services and analytics that deliver greater integration, information and intelligence.


Our approach is to work with you to identify your key objectives for security and fire safety, as well as helping you transition to smart technologies, and this involves understanding your drivers and values. We can then define a common purpose, carry out a full risk assessment, identify potential cost savings and set performance targets. You can expect reduced systems costs, access to leading-edge expertise and the best in technology and support.

System design

Before we make any recommendations, the very first thing we do is listen and explore. We want to learn about the dynamics of your business and the structure of the workforce. We want to get to know your organisation and understand the challenges you face.


Our people are trained to identify and assist with customer requirements, risks and business operations, and propose fully compliant life safety solutions. In support of this, our engineering teams are committed to interpreting client specifications and CDM requirements, ensuring the relevant legislation and British Standards are met, and the impact on health, safety and the environment is considered.

Integration skills

Siemens is in a unique position as we have skills as a product manufacturer, software integrator, solutions supplier, turnkey installer and service provider; this enables us to understand how our own technology and third-party systems perform over time. Importantly, it also means that we operate collaboratively with our customers across entire project lifecycles, offering specialist knowledge and consultancy to improve performance and maximise customer service. Through careful design we can reduce duplication, deliver multiple services, and provide a technology roadmap to enable you to migrate your systems as the need arises.

Our objective is to work collaboratively with our customers to discover their key value aspirations and offer visionary solutions to enhance their operations. For example, deeper integration across their estate to create a more automated, holistic solution that would deliver greater situational awareness, intelligence, information and cost savings. 

Project delivery

PM@Siemens is the methodology that supports the ownership culture in programme delivery within Siemens. It drives continuous improvement of project-related processes and professional project risk management.  Its policies and guidelines are approved by the Association for Project Management and align with the Project Management Body of Knowledge and Prince2.  Siemens understands that consistency of time and the avoidance of unplanned delays are essential to achieving the successful completion of all projects.  Under PM@Siemens we implement robust programme management processes to ensure timely contract delivery, progress tracking and adjustment of resources.

We will define key milestones and monitor progress against these to measure schedule performance on a project basis. Siemens uses both client key performance indicators and our own project specific metrics including health, safety and environment, process, and inspection and test plans. Metrics are based on cause and impact of any movement of key dates in the programme.

Service and support

We understand the challenges organisations face in maintaining technology, especially working within tight budget constraints and keeping pace with new developments. Siemens programmes provide access to high level skills and a broad range of maintenance offerings, including remote and online services, meaning you can be assured of a working system at all times.


We will work with you to determine the specific services and maintenance options that matter to your organisation and plan the level of care to meet your demand for response, lifecycle support and cost. You can benefit from a range of levels, from basic planned preventive maintenance through to bespoke asset management programmes that cater for individual requirements.  

Improve service performance

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Innovative financed systems

Siemens delivers more than just technical solutions; we also provide funded solutions tailored to meet the business needs of your organisation. These are delivered from Siemens’ own financial services operation, combining technology and delivery into a single contract over a predetermined number of years, with no third-party involvement.


This approach enables access to the latest technology, resolves the issue of immediate capital outlay, guarantees fixed annual costs and offers cash flow efficiencies. We will liaise closely with you to assess the best financing method that will meet the exact needs and individual tax and cash flow position of your organisation.

Investing in smart technology

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Health & Safety at Siemens means Zero Harm                                

Our Zero Harm Culture @ Siemens programme protects our people and your people by following three basic principles:


1. Zero accidents - it is achievable

2. Health & Safety - no compromises

3. We take care of each other - people are our greatest asset


Our solutions and technologies

The Siemens product portfolio encompasses multiple technologies and systems that offer high level protection and create sustainability. In addition, our access to an extensive and expert supply chain means we can harness our supplier relationships to deliver multi-disciplined solutions incorporating all elements of a complex, integrated project.  


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