Unlock your drive’s digital potential and harness the power of the elements

Reach a new level of simplicity, energy efficiency and durability with the SINAMICS G120X

Siemens doesn’t just talk about digital factories. We’re making it happen. With mounting competitive pressures, productivity is everything. Introducing digitalisation to boost productivity, whether it be automation or robotics, can feel like a huge undertaking for every corner of an organisation. We can help you work through where to focus your investment against a backdrop of legacy infrastructure and concern around skills fit for the future. The work we’ve been doing at our Congleton factory is a great example of how manufacturers can take a practical, phased approach to improvements. With this ideal setup at our disposal and the potential of digitalisation to discuss, we’d like to invite you for a day of discovery with the following agenda. 

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Features and technical data

Optimised for water, air andinfrastructure applications

The new SINAMICS G120X System is developed with enhanced features for the water industry and HVAC applications in the midrange segment. As a complete product series, it is standardised and seamless with all supply voltages and supply types, and available in a power range extending from 0.75 kW to 630 kW. With a durable design, including optional protection against dripping water, the SINAMICS G120X can be used in harsh conditions and temperatures ranging from -20°c to 60°c (when derated) and be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C3 standard.

Built and customised for specific applications

Water/wastewater applications and technical data

SINAMICS G120X provides a deragging function to sustainably remove deposits and dirt from pump impellers. The pipe filling mode allows pipes to be gently filled at the beginning of the control process before going into closed-loop controlled operation. The innovative cavitation detection function protects pumps and reduces maintenance costs. The keep running mode reduces the speed before a possible shutdown. Multipump operation (staging) allows several pumps to be controlled from just one frequency converter. Many additional functions, directly supported by the converter, makes SINAMICS G120X universally applicable in infrastructure projects.

Brochure SINAMICS G120X for water / wastewater applications

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HVAC applications and technical data

The flying restart function reduces starting times after brief power failures. SINAMICS G120X also provides an automatic restart function after power failures. The essential service mode maintains fan operation for smoke extraction systems or emergency ventilation systems for as long as required in extreme situations. Multipump operation (staging) allows for the control of several pumps with just one frequency converter.

Skipping critical motor speeds is another HVAC-specific feature. This reduces vibration and, in turn, premature wear.

SINAMICS G120X also provides a real-time clock for autonomous, time-controlled operation as well as a timestamp for fault and alarm reports.

Brochure SINAMICS G120X for HVAC applications

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With SINAMICS G120X you master the elements

Two of the biggest challenges facing global industry are energy efficiency and productivity. We believe that a key part of improving performance in both is by using technology to work with the variable forces of nature, The SINAMICS G120X frequency controller not only enables this connection, but automates complex processes and improves efficiency, allowing industry to harness the power of the elements.   Fully customisable, built to order and compatible with any motor, the SINAMICS G120X can simultaneously upgrade and simplify any drive. Through combining automation with the power of the elements, it not only improves overall efficiency and durability, but reduces emissions CO2 and unlocks the potential of digitalisation.
The sum of the advantages

Harness the power of the elements

SINAMICS G120X is optimised for pump and fan applications in infrastructure projects

The new frequency converter comes as a complete product series – standardised and seamless when it comes to all supply voltages and supply types, and available in a power range extending from 0.75 kW to 630 kW. The devices are in compliance with global EMC standards and motor cable lengths of up to 150 m are permissible while maintaining EMC limit values. The integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) safety function is certified according to SIL3.

With a durable design, including optional protection against dripping water, the SINAMICS G120X can be used in harsh conditions and temperatures ranging from -20°c to 60°c, depending on the model. The frequency converter can also be operated under environmental conditions according to the 3C3 standard. Thanks to its connection to the Cloud with SINAMICS CONNECT 300, SINAMICS G120X is also digitalisation ready.

  • Built to order
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with any motor
  • Cloud connectivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce risk

Attractive from every perspective – and fit for the future

The SINAMICS G120X series offers all the features required for infrastructure applications with up to an incredible 7.5-year extended global warranty.

Delivered installed and ready-to-run with all essential features

When developing this new series of frequency converters , we placed the emphasis on simplicity – in every respect. So that you can quickly integrate SINAMICS G120X into your drive application.

  • Simple ordering (see the ordering systematics at the bottom)
  • Simple integration into existing applications
  • Simple commissioning (using the multi-color IOP-2 operator panel or Smart Access Module)
  • Simple operation, setup and settings
  • Simple connection to the Cloud using SINAMICS CONNECT 300
  • Simple maintenance: SINAMICS G120X indicates when service is required (using the Analyze MyDrives MindSphere application)
  • Simply flexible: SINAMICS G120X can be operated with any motor – but most effectively with Siemens synchronous-reluctance motors

So that your drive application is always available

We have done a lot to adapt the reliability and the ruggedness of the SINAMICS G120X to address globally increasing customer requirements. This means that the frequency converter  always operates with a high degree of stability – even during line supply fluctuations. To reduce harmonics, up to a power of 250 kW, devices have an integrated DC link reactor.

SINAMICS G120X is rugged and can operate in almost any environment: its operating temperature extends from -20°C up to 60°C (depending on the exact version). The converter complies with IP20 with an option for IP21 in UL open type. Coated modules are standard, 3C3 pollutant resistance is optionally available.

So that your drive application is cost effective

To be both effective and cost efficient – these are key criteria for ideal converter  operation. Both aspects have huge significance when it comes to state-of-the-art drive applications. The features with which we have maximised the efficiency of SINAMICS G120X have been appropriately optimised.

The frequency converters  have an efficiency exceeding 98%. The flexibility of the converters  when selecting an appropriate motor is also a big plus: The converter allows high-efficiency motors to be used for maximum energy-saving operation. For low dynamic loads, the ECO mode ensures the best possible performance and lowest losses for low dynamic loads. It also optimises the output power to reduce the energy consumption of the driven load.

The bypass function* allows the motor to be switched between converter and line operation to reduce energy consumption. The energy/flow calculator calculates energy saving and the flow value without requiring the installation of an external meter. Combined with the Synchronous Reluctance Motor, the G120X also has an energy saving of up to 40%.

* Bypass function is only supported on induction motors

Ready for digitalisation

Unlock the potential with digitalisation

Use the data from your SINAMICS G120X to increase transparency and productivity.

The digital transformation is in full swing. It offers a wealth of previously unimaginable possibilities when it comes to process optimisation. With SINAMICS G120X, you can leverage all of these opportunities, with benefits including improved machine performance, availability, cost-effectiveness and competitiveness.

SIMANICS G120X converters can be linked to MindSphere over SINAMICS Connect 300, offering users the opportunity to analyse valuable operating data gathered from the converter, the drive train and the machine using the MindSphere app Analyze MyDrives. This enables the visualisation and analysis of status information, providing users with valuable data which can be used as the basis for optimising processes and maintenance strategies.

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Easy configure and order

Configure and order your SINAMICS G120X in no time at all

You can easily configure and order the complete drive using just one order number. The drive is delivered pre-assembled and can be commissioned immediately ready to switch on.   You can also order SINAMICS G120X frequency converters using the Siemens Drive Technology Configurator. The configurator supports you when selecting the best product version for your application.   With up to a 7.5-year extended global warranty, ongoing support and payment plan options, you can achieve cutting edge performance with complete peace of mind.

Configure and order SINAMICS G120X quickly and easily

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