Taking pride in our Peebles heritage

Did you know that the Transformers Service (CSTRUK) business of Siemens’ Energy Management division is the ONLY genuine inheritor of the proud Peebles brand?   Following VA Tech’s acquisition of Reyrolle and Peebles from Rolls-Royce in 1998, Siemens acquired VA Tech in 2005. Now, from our base in Hebburn UK, supported by global manufacturing colleagues we are able to service and support any installed Peebles Transformer worldwide.

1858        Siemens formally established in the UK as Siemens, Halske & Co.

1901        A. Reyrolle & Co established on Tyneside, England

1902        Bruce Peebles & Co Ltd

1903        Moved to East Pilton site

1925        First purpose built transformer facility constructed

1936        First 132kV transformer built

1950        Peebles Transformer factory, Edinburgh

1956        First 275kV transformer built

1964        New large power transformer facility constructed

                 Peebles & BICC invert epoxy bonded C.T.C (Continuously Transposed Copper)

1965        First 400kV transformer built

1968        First 500kV transformer built

1969        Reyrolle Parsons group

1973        First UK transformer company to receive a Central Electricity Generating

                 Board Quality Assurance certificate

1974        Wins Queens Award for Export

1977        Northern Engineering Industries Group

1982        First Reyrolle 420kV GIS in UK

1989        Peebles Transformers acquired by Rolls Royce

                 Prototype PD Monitoring System developed

1990        Development of the first vacuum circuit breakers

                 Rolls Royce T&D acquires NEI Reyrolle, Parsons and Peebles

1991        Wins Queens Award for Export

                 World’s first fully integrated UHF PDM system for GIS

1996        World’s largest Quadrate Booster to go into service

1998        VA Tech Group acquire Reyrolle and Peebles
1999        Fire destroys original Pilton site.  Plans unveiled for new site in Leith Dock.

                 Commissioning of SEC 9009 one of the world’s largest 420kV GIS substations

2000        Brand new state of the art factory opened on new site at Leith Dock in August

2001        World’s largest Quadrate Booster successfully passes factory tests and is despatched to site

                 525kV Dual LV winding Generator Step-up Transformer manufactured to ANSI specification

2005        Siemens acquires VA Tech Group (The full range of products now supported by Siemens Energy Management)

2012        Awarded world’s largest online integrated substation condition monitoring system by China Light & Power

2013        AS to manufacture high-tech electrical sub-components for Thameslink