Understand the condition of your transformers

Given the high cost of replacement transformers - and the long delivery times involved – it is important for all organisations to be able to access essential operational data and gain a very clear view of the condition of their assets.   The goals of condition monitoring are straightforward: extended component life, meaning reduced lifecycle costs; avoidance of dangerous or environmentally hazardous conditions; and avoidance of penalties by predicting and preventing equipment failures.   But while online condition monitoring has great potential, collecting data is not an end in itself. The crucial factor is using the data for higher-level analysis. Siemens leverages the “power of data” by capturing, processing, and analysing the results: providing a sound basis for action, for both daily operations and long-term management of asset performance.   We offer condition monitoring either as a stand-alone product or integrated into an entire monitoring system.



Keep your assets up and running

To increase the availability and utilisation of your assets, we can provide a range of services: from repair services and spare parts, to 24/7 customer support and emergency service as well, if you need these.

Operations management

Operations management

Ensure efficient operations

To help you get the best from your assets, we offer asset management and consulting to help you maintain and optimise your transformers – and if you should need to, we will manage the whole process of relocating units too: from dismantling to reassembly. 



Keep pace with technical developments

We will help you keep your transformers on top form without service interruption. With refurbishment or retrofit and upgrading where needed, we will help you extend the lifecycle of your assets and gain maximum return on your investment. 

Peebles transformers: a proud heritage

Remember: the Transformers Service (TRS) business of Siemens’ Energy Management division is the ONLY genuine inheritor of the proud Peebles brand.

Although other businesses have adopted the Peebles name, Siemens acquired this historic business in 2005, when it took over VA Technologie AG (VA Tech). VA Tech had previously purchased both Reyrolle and the Peebles Transformer division from Rolls-Royce in 1998. Now, from our base in Hebburn, supported by manufacturing colleagues in Austria, we are able to service and support any installed Peebles transformer worldwide.

Discover, assess and address what you don’t know about your assets

“There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know.”  (Donald Rumsfeld, US Secretary of Defense, 2002)

Other services

The full Transformer Lifecycle Management portfolio

Understanding the condition of your transformers is a necessary starting point – but of course, it is only the first step. Check out the full spectrum of service and support available from Siemens.

Don’t forget, Siemens does not just maintain its own installations and the extensive installed base of Peebles transformers (having acquired the prestigious and historic Peebles brand in 2005). Our engineers are qualified and experienced to maintain many other manufacturers’ equipment, too. Siemens CS TR UK also have direct links to our global transformer factories to strengthen UK original equipment manufacturing for Support, Services and Solutions.

What happens if replacement is necessary?

Naturally, we are also your first port of call for maintenance of the modern range of Siemens transformers.

Siemens offers transformers for all systems, networks and voltages, every type of cooling and every mode of operation. Our products are designed with environmental sustainability and efficiency in mind and comply with the latest standards and guidelines.

Our brand new iPDF takes you on a journey through the fascinating world of SiemensTransformers. Download it to find out how we equip powerhouses in urban neighbourhoods, enable the superhighways of the future - and how our assets form the basis of the digital revolution!

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Calculate your transformer’s efficiency

With our free Siemens Transformer App, you can calculate and compare noise and efficiency values of different transformers on the fly:

Commitment and collaboration

When a 50-year old transformer caught fire in and left 17,000 homes without power, Siemens worked with Western Power Distribution to replace it with a brand-new unit in a week.
Downloads and support

Make use of our services

For your convenience, we have assembled relevant downloads as well as details of support contacts below.


Get in touch with our Customer Service

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