High Voltage Switchgear Monitoring and Diagnostics: 

Step 1 - Assess

Online condition monitoring

The challenge:

Optimising the life of ageing switchgear is not a new subject, but one that continues to be a major issue for electricity suppliers and industry alike.

Both have large installed bases of high and medium voltage switchgear; much of it installed between the late 1950s and early 1970s, which must somehow be brought into the 21st century to ensure optimum network performance and longevity.

It is understood that maintenance costs inevitably increase toward the end of an asset’s lifecycle. The question is: what to do about it? Knowing the real condition of your assets is essential if you are to answer that question – and that is where online condition monitoring comes in.  

Our solution:

For example, we estimate that there is still a population of c.250,000 Reyrolle – now Siemens – circuit breakers (11KV to 400KV)  in service worldwide that could be anything up to 50+ years old. We offer condition monitoring for these and other manufacturers’ products alike; either as a stand-alone product or integrated into an entire monitoring system. Monitoring focuses on essential predetermined objectives, including the avoidance of penalties and compliance with PAS55/ISO55000 - but tailored to your individual priorities for the improved operation of your primary substation equipment.

Our offerings include:

•  Online condition monitoring for high-voltage gas-insulated switchgear (GDM SF6 and PDM UHF)

•  Gas density monitoring with Assetguard GDM

•  Partial-discharge monitoring with Assetguard PDM

•  Medium-voltage switchgear monitoring with Assetguard MVC

These are available as stand-alone services, or they can be integrated into substation monitoring projects including asset data management.



The need for reliable and accurate switchgear condition data can be easily obtained through the Assetguard range of solutions. Knowing the online status of key assets enable Asset Managers to make informed decisions on which network components need to be maintained, repaired or even replaced. These additional services can also be provided by Siemens Customer Services.



Assess your assets’condition – and achieve peace of mind

“The important thing is to not stop questioning” – Albert Einstein

Do you know the condition of your installed switchgear? If not, how will you find out? Protecting your electrical assets with the latest technology is an important element of asset management and operational support; beneficial for both business and the environment. With condition monitoring from Siemens, we can offer you peace of mind on asset condition.

The Siemens Assetguard range of solutions covers all essential high voltage switchgear monitoring elements for both GIS and AIS, including ultra high frequency (UHF) partial discharge and SF6 gas density monitoring applications, from 132kV to 800kV. It also offers solutions for MV switchgear.

Each Assetguard element is a solution of its own, and can be provided and/or combined in an integrated customer solution. This not only provides a fast and user-friendly front-end overview, but also incorporates powerful expert modes allowing detailed investigation such as trend analysis, automated reporting and defect location.

The integrated software platform also enables the integration of further substation assets, such as transformers, cables and overhead lines. Each Assetguard package is modular by design and easily extendable which is achieved by concentrating sensor data in Node Unit Cubicles. This design allows for a very simple communications connection to transmit all of the bay data along a single fibre cable to the System Control Cubicle/HMI where data can be accessed and alarms are automatically generated.

Discover how Siemens can help you achieve an optimal maintenance and asset management strategy.

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