Switchgear Monitoring and Diagnostics: 

Step 3 - Act

Asset performance management

The challenge:

Having implemented condition monitoring and analysed the data, you will have an informed view of the status of your switchgear assets. But what then? The challenge now is to translate the assessments into action.

Our solution:

Asset performance management from Siemens takes you to the next level, providing recommendations for asset management operation and maintenance (O&M). It predicts the future behaviour of your assets based on dynamic online condition data, combined with Siemens Asset Management tools such as IPS Energy, RCAM, or third-party software.

These asset management tools provide decision support for asset managers and operators. They combine asset data, subject-matter expertise and cutting-edge methodology; drawing upon Siemens’ 30-plus years of experience in asset behaviour. The extremely reliable prediction of an asset’s future condition allows for an optimised asset management strategy – and enhanced asset performance.

With asset management software, Siemens offers a tool that can extend and maximise asset life, while at the same reducing lifecycle costs, as is often required by regulatory obligations. It combines online condition data showing the assets’ current status, offline condition data from measurements and static data relating to the assets’ past performance (like general OEM information) in dynamic models for forecasting and risk assessment.

As an enhanced service, you can also have Siemens Remote Diagnostic Centres monitor your assets or substations remotely, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is supported by a full suite of practical support from on-site condition assessment to an emergency repair service and 24/7 call centre support.


·    Achieve cost reductions by stretching the lifespan of assets

·    Guarantee compliance with environmental and safety obligations

·    Have confidence in the reliability of the network

·    Schedule required future maintenance

·    Prevent defects before they develop into serious failures

·    Ensure a sound basis for planning and to optimise capital investments.

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The monitoring and diagnostics value chain: Assess, Address, Act!

Taking asset performance management to the next level

“Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art” ― Peter Drucker


Asset management software models the impact of switchgear ageing according to a set of varying condition parameters, predicting both an asset’s future health and its remaining service life; in an Asset Health Index calculated for every asset in a power grid. This then takes you smoothly from strategy to execution, by means of an optimised asset management plan.

Firstly, an Asset Health Index is calculated, which considers both online and offline condition information, and is graded and weighted according to the asset group. With it, risks based on current and future failure probability rates for each individual asset can be calculated.

Relevant reports can then be generated, e.g., a future risk report showing upcoming risks (probability x consequence of failure) across five dimensions: CAPEX and OPEX risks, and environmental, safety, and network performance risks. The outcome is an asset management plan tailored to your specific needs.

Asset managers can use these software tools to schedule future maintenance, prevent defects from developing into serious failures, and extend the service life of their equipment. In addition, they can base their strategic planning and their optimisation of capital investments on RCAM Dynamic.

The functionality that Siemens Asset Management brings to this process includes:

•    A risk forecast based on Health Index (HI) forecasting

•    HI calculation based on condition parameters

•    HI forecast based on ageing functions per condition parameter

•    Present risk calculation with HI-related outage probability

•    Calculation of next maintenance, based on HI development scenarios

•    Calculation of best intervention timing (replacement, refurbishment) using risk based present-value-scenario analysis.

The resulting asset management approach is truly comprehensive and covers the entire energy conversion chain, from generation through transmission and distribution networks to energy-intensive industries. Assets no longer need to be automatically replaced at the end of a predefined period, and the remaining service life can be calculated years ahead of time. 

Executing your plan

We provide recommendations on what actions to take regarding your assets, from individual pieces of equipment to the entire system – as well as the practical support services to help you translate strategy into execution.

Our portfolio includes:

•    Implementation of condition monitoring systems and processes for transmission and distribution assets.

•    Asset intelligence with state-of-the art asset performance management tools that will help you to select optimal asset              management strategies using risk and condition assessment methodologies.

•    Management consulting services to identify and resolve the gaps that could exist in relation with the requirements                  established in relevant standards.

•    Technical audits of transmission and distribution (T&D) networks including recommendations for optimising the capital            and operational expenditures according to the required quality of service level.

•    Full O&M “care-free” service packages with performance guarantees. We can take care of the electrical grid as your asset          management ally.

Discover how Siemens can help you achieve an optimal maintenance and asset management strategy.

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