Switchgear servicing, life extension and maintenance

Keeping your switchgear fault-free   

Even the most reliable switchgear is subject to wear and tear as it ages. Avoid unplanned downtime or asset failure with regular switchgear servicing, maintenance and life-extension. With a 120-years of engineering expertise, Siemens offers a suite of solutions designed to support your switchgear throughout its lifecycle.

More than 1 million medium-voltage systems have been installed for 6,000 customers worldwide. 
Siemens DS Customer Services Team

Service solutions for your switchgear

We offer a range of product management services to support your switchgear:

Why choose Siemens?

As the OEM for Siemens and Reyrolle brands, our expert team located in-field and at our manufacturing site in Hebburn, utilise original equipment specifications and drawings to ensure asset maintenance is OEM-standard.


When things go wrong, our engineers can offer a suite of repair options, both on-site and at our factory. This ensures that ‘rip out and replace’ is our last resort, saving you time and money. For customers who operate legacy equipment, we can support you to optimise your spare parts management.  

Maintaining over a million MV systems globally means we have super-fast access to key spare parts and provide customers with high-quality asset maintenance kits. 


See how we support customers with legacy assets. 


Do you know how resilient your electrical infrastructure is?

From risk spotting to smarter management and faster issue resolution, energy resilience transforms the performance of your on-site energy equipment.

Protect your operation from unplanned brownouts and blackouts.

Learn more about energy resilience

Monitoring your Switchgear

Despite a high level of reliability, switchgear failure can happen quickly, without warning. The NXPower monitor provides continuous visibility of key asset performance, whether you’re on onsite or remote, and will alert you to changes in asset behaviour which deviate from your KPIs.

To learn more about the NXPower Monitor, please download our brochure.


Contact our servicing team 

Do you have a query about site servicing or need specific product information? Contact our expert servicing team who will be able to assist you.