Utilize integrated solution blueprints

Implementation and solution advisory

Complex technologies and solutions need to be integrated into existing operational models and technology stacks in an effective, efficient and secure manner.

Executing infrastructure projects

Effectively integrate new technologies to prepare your utility for the future.

We can support you in the following fields of application:

Cyber security services and consulting

Creating technology roadmaps ready for implementation

Advances in data science, analytics, and complex event processing are the key drivers. They turn the data flood from new sensors into meaningful insights for value-oriented decision-making. Using our functional reference architecture, we help you analyze your technology base, evaluate the future technical requirements for the future grid, and design comprehensive technology roadmaps to meet those requirements.

To avoid issues of compatibility, scalability, and servicing, our functional reference architecture is designed around a completely product-agnostic and technology-neutral vision. It focuses on precise technical “functionalities” organized into classes and sub-classes. By providing a common terminology and lexicon, our functional reference architecture describes different technical functionalities in their precise context. It enables use-cases to be created with minimum ambiguity, and allows executable technology implementation roadmaps to bedesigned.

Data structure and integration advisory

Optimizing data usage for value creation

When it comes to information technologies (IT), there are many challenges to be taken into consideration: a parallel and uncoordinated system landscape. Intransparency on data and event information flows and process interrelation. Not to mention the risk of significant cost overrun to maintain and extend system landscape. To increase the integration of IT in the OT network we help you to gain transparency on how data is driving business operations. In order to benefit from synergies for optimal development one action is essential:

creating an organization-wide common understanding about this integration. And we are by your side for the analysis and redesign of data processing, data handling and data usage procedures of your utility. With our offer of concerning data and event reference models, we support you to optimize your system operation and maintenance. Together we enable interoperability between systems, and unlock opportunities for value creation.

IT/OT implementation advisory

Ensuring a secure and reliable power supply

Secure IT networks are the backbone of society – especially the of the ones that run power systems. If their integrity is compromised, the consequences can be disastrous. Cyber security is an ongoing journey where you need to follow a well-defined path and a trustworthy partner who uses a comprehensive approach. Our consulting offers manufacturer-independent advice, and we know the in and outs of the

energy domain as well as the existing infrastructure and smart grid networks of our customers. Our experts also have a wide range of energy automation, IT, and cyber security domain expertise (for example with NERC-CIP compliance). That’s how we’re able to offer you turnkey solutions for the entire value chain. Our consulting approach considers all elements of your company:


  • People: Awareness and understanding of cyber security needs and requirements
  • Processes: Requirements on products/systems, operations, and organization covering the complete lifecycle
  • Technology: Supports the fulfillment of processes and achievement of the protection goals availability, integrity, confidentiality

Cyber security datasheet

How to appropriately protect a power System - the holistic approach

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