Thrive in a challenging market

Planning and regulatory advisory

Adequate models, plans and strategies to enable clients to not only survive but thrive in challenging regulated markets and environments.

Capturing new markets

Identify new opportunities with innovative tools and methodologies.

We can support you in the following fields of application:

Strategy and integrated planning

Turn uncertainty into opportunity

With political, regulatory, and market challenges growing rapidly in the utility industry, we will help you manage uncertainty with our integrated resource planning solution. To meet your objectives and goals, we take all market and regulatory uncertainties in consideration.

We determine the portfolio that best balances the multiple objectives of lowest costs and the most stable, reliable, diverse, and environmentally desirable energy portfolio outcomes. With our approach using either comprehensive stochastic or scenario-based assessments of uncertainty, you can successfully and comprehensively address market uncertainty and risk – where other traditional planning methods fail. To get trhe best result for your objectives, our approach also includes:

  • Evaluation of asset disposition or retirement strategy, emission controls retrofits and new asset investment needs
  • Consideration of rapid adoption of technological breakthroughs in future scenarios
  • Stress-testing of proposed resource plans across a wide range of outcomes
Energy market forecasting and analytics

A better basis for decision-making

In any planning exercise, managing risk and analyzing opportunities involves assessing an array of different potential market outcomes. With our MarketLink™ process, we provide you with a meaningful range of economic projections based on different scenarios with regard to:

  • Economy
  • Energy supply and demand
  • Fuel prices
  • Electricity consumption
  • Renewable generation mix 

Our methods include:

  • State-of-the-art analytical framework with MarketLink™ 
  • Quantified ranges of outcomes for various "states of the world"
  • Targeted analyses of key drivers for our clients, including fuel prices, energy demand growth, power market outcomes and policy structures
  • Customized scenario development to meet the needs of speceific client issues and opportunities
Energy portfolio optimization

Obtain the best regulatory strategy for your project

Our comprehensive understanding of the needs of infrastructure developers, energy suppliers, and transporters along with the consumers of their service offerings gives us a unique perspective on compliance with regulatory requirements and obtaining certificates to construct facilities, as well as with ongoing operational regulatory filings. We also advocate positions in rates cases and other regulatory proceedings. We can demonstrate whether markets are sufficiently

competitive to allow market-based rates. We deploy this expertise for both energy suppliers and those who are subscribing to the services of the regulated entity with the following offers:

  • Rate design and regulatory strategy development
  • FERC Section 7C certificate filing support, including assessment of market needs, market power studies, and pro forma tariffs
  • FERC regulatory filings for operating pipeline and storage facilities, including tariff maintenance and routine compliance filings
  • State PUC and FERC rate case preparation
  • Advocacy for shipper and consumer groups in rate case and other regulatory proceedings
Regulatory strategies

Secure qualified specialists for your case

Whether it’s addressing a single issue or supporting a complex, multifacted case, we can deliver an efficient and comprehensive solution to legal proceedings and regulatory disputes. Our vast experience in natural gas, oil, coal, electricity, environmental markets, finance, engineering, power plants, pipelines, tariffs, and risk management combined creates a holistic approach to issues that few firms can deliver.


Our expert witness services provide you with:

  • ­ Seasoned consulting and testifying experts
  • ­ Third-party support in disputes and regulatory proceedings
  • ­ Holistic approach to litigation support
  • ­ Simplification of complex issues for board presentations

Successful market advisory worldwide

Whether it’s integrated resource plans, market entry strategies, or expert witness services, our market advisory services have helped many customers in many countries. Let’s take a look at some of our top projects.


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