Microgrid Control – a SICAM application

Maximum security in operating microgrids

Microgrids are a reliable alternative when autonomous power supply is needed, such as on islands, or when optimizations are required for higher level grids or supply costs. With grid-connected operation, microgrids enable energy to be reliably provided from renewable sources, at both high-peak and low-peak times. They can also influence reactive power and help save money by regulating the maximum power demand or infeed. Microgrids offer high reliability and improved energy quality. And they have a further advantage: Microgrids can operate independently of the higher-level grid.   Reliable monitoring and control are the biggest challenges to stable operation of a microgrid. Microgrid Control meets these challenges.

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Microgrid Control – a SICAM application: reliable control and monitoring of power grids

Microgrids provide an autonomous power supply even in the most remote regions – regardless of whether or not they are connected to the power grid. Microgrid Control has been tried and proven worldwide in the important tasks of grid monitoring and control. Microgrid Control builds on the well-known Siemens RTU product family, developed and tested in the IREN2 project in Wildpoldsried, Germany.

The benefits of Microgrids at a glance

  • High performance of the power supply system + excellent grid quality
  • Microgrids reliably meet the stringent requirements of autonomous grid operation
  • Straight forward optimization capabilities ensure cost-effective operation
  • The integration of renewable energy meets the climate protection targets that promote CO2 reduction
  • Resource-conscious use protects the environment and minimizes costs

Microgrid Control – on the safe side 24/7

Microgrid Control ensures the reliable control and monitoring of microgrids. Microgrid Control protects your independent power supply against blackouts and balances out grid fluctuations as well as fluctuations in power consumption.

Microgrid Control keeps an eye on everything

With Microgrid Control, you improve functional security in monitoring and controlling your power distribution grids by reliably monitoring all components involved.

Microgrid Control – a SICAM application: smart migration, seamless integration

Intelligent energy management in very little space. Microgrid Control can be seamlessly integrated into existing distribution grids and earns points through the solid interplay between automation and remote control. Thanks to open interfaces and international standards, the solution supports unlimited migration, and maintenance is performed through easy plug & play functionality.

Independent power supply with microgrids

IREN2, Wildpoldsried, Germany

With the IREN2 project in the Wildpoldsried “Energy Village” (Allgäu, Germany), Siemens and consortium partners are studying new grid structures and their management, based on technological and economic criteria. The goal is to learn ways to optimize the technological and economic aspects of energy systems with distributed power generation and additional components. The partners are also testing microgrids in the form of island grids, along with their use and operation as topological power plants.

The combined benefits speak for Microgrid Control – a SICAM application

Top choice for autonomous power grids. Microgrid Control monitors and controls the power supply in independent distribution grids and thus provides cost-efficient and reliable energy management. It offers flexible communication, seamless continuity, maximum security, and unlimited migration, thus securing the optimal use of the generation systems.

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Get a firsthand look at Microgrid Control – visit our microgrid lab in Erlangen, Germany. Set up an appointment with us today.