High-speed trip relay

High speed trip relay – Reyrolle 7PJ15

Reyrolle 7PJ15

The 7PJ1521 & 7PJ1524 high-speed trip relay is a multi-contact attracted armature relay designed to IEC 60255.

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Features & functions

High-speed trip relay Reyrolle 7PJ15


The features of the High-speed trip relay are:

  • High-speed, high burden, positive action, and instantaneous cutoff.
  • The 7PJ1521 & 7PJ1524 trip relay can be used with the Trip Circuit Supervision relay (7PJ13) to monitor and supervise the integrity of the trip circuit with coil supervision terminal.
  • It is supplied in a draw-out type case.


The high-speed trip relay type 7PJ15 is mainly used for all types of control and protection circuits in power stations and industrial applications, where a higher grade of reliability and high contact rating is stipulated. The 7PJ15 relay acts as a high-speed element and contact multiplication in tripping and signalling circuits of protective relays.


The high-speed trip relay is used in the following applications:

  • Tripping of multiple circuit-breakers
  • Tripping and lock
  • Control signalling and interlocking
  • Inter tripping and remote tripping interface for SCADA