Non-directional overcurrent protection

Non-Directional Overcurrent Protection – Reyrolle 7SR210

Reyrolle 7SR210

The 7SR210 series of relays provide overcurrent and earth fault protection. These relays are typically applied to provide the main protection on feeders and interconnectors and the backup protection on items of plant such as transformers, Relays have four current inputs and are housed in E6 or E8 cases.

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Features & functions

Non-directional overcurrent protection Reyrolle 7SR210


Integrated logic is provided to allow the optimal configuration of relay functionality with the relays analogue inputs and binary input/output circuits. The optional auto-reclose feature offers an integrated solution for use on OHL feeders.

The relay functionality allows highly flexible settings for current and time grading making it compatible with all types of overcurrent protection.


Protection, instrumentation and metering functionality is accessible via data comms channel(s). A front USB port for local PC connection and rear electrical RS485 port for remote connection are provided as standard, additional ports are available as options.


  • Cold load settings

  • Four settings groups

  • Password protection - 2 levels

  • User programmable logic

  • Self-monitoring

  • Circuit breaker trip counter and timer

  • Fault, event and waveform records


Protection functions

  • Undercurrent (37)

  • Broken conductor (46BC)

  • Negative phase sequence overcurrent (46NPS)

  • Thermal overload (49)

  • Overcurrent (50, 51)

  • Earth fault (50G, 50N, 50SEF, 51G, 51N, 51SEF)

  • Directional control of overcurrent & earth fault (67)

  • High impedance REF (64H)

  • Under/over voltage (27/59)

  • Negative phase sequence voltage (47)

  • Voltage controlled overcurrent (51V)

  • Neutral voltage displacement (59N)

  • Under/over frequency (81)

Supervision functions

  • CT supervision (60CTS)

  • Trip & close circuit supervision (74T/CCS)

  • VT supervision (60VTS)

  • Inrush detector (81HBL2)

  • Circuit breaker fail (50BF)

Control functions

  • Auto reclose (79)

Monitoring functions

  • Primary/secondary current phases and earth direction

  • Primary/secondary line and phase voltages

  • Apparent power and power factor

  • Real and reactive power

  • W Hr & VAr Hr forward and reverse

  • Historical demand record

  • Positive phase sequence (PPS) voltage & current

  • Negative phase sequence (NPS) voltage & current

  • Zero phase sequence (ZPS) voltage