Overcurrent protection

Overcurrent Protection – Reyrolle 7SR10

Reyrolle 7SR10

The Reyrolle 7SR10 Argus overcurrent and earth fault relay is a numerical overcurrent protection relay intended as a simple protection solution for distribution and industrial applications.

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Overcurrent protection Reyrolle 7SR10


The Reyrolle 7SR10 Argus overcurrent and earth fault relay is developed using the latest generation of hardware technology and is available in multiple variants depending on the power supply, binary input/binary output configuration and data communication facility.
Housed in a 4U high, size 4 non-withdrawable case, these relays provide protection, monitoring, instrumentation, and metering with integrated input and output logic, data logging and fault reports. Communication access to the relay functionality is via a front USB port for local PC connection or rear electrical RS485 (optional) port for remote connection.


  • Cold load pickup (51C)

  • Two settings groups

  • Password protection – 2 levels

  • User programmable logic

  • Self-monitoring

  • Circuit breaker trip and maintenance counter


Protection functions

  • Broken conductor, load unbalance (46BC)

  • Negative phase sequence overcurrent (46NPS)

  • Thermal overload (49)

  • Instantaneous overcurrent protection (50)

  • Instantaneous earth fault (50N/G)

  • Time delayed overcurrent protection (51)

  • Time delayed derived/measured earth fault protection (51N/G)

  • Cold load pickup (51C)

  • Circuit breaker fail (50BF)

  • Time delayed sensitive earth fault protection (51SEF)

  • Inrush restraint (81HBL2)

  • Instantaneous sensitive earth fault (50SEF)

Supervision functions

  • Trip circuit supervision (74TC)

  • Total harmonic distortion supervision (81THD)

Control functions

  • Lockout (86)

  • CB control