Protection Relay Take-Back Scheme


Recycle your protection relays with Siemens and receive up to 50% off SIPROTEC 5 and Reyrolle relays

Whether you are operating a grid network or a manufacturing facility, managing your power system's ageing infrastructure can be a challenge when balancing investment decisions. For a limited time, you can send us your old protection relays, Siemens branded or not, and receive up to a 50% discount on new SIPROTEC 5 and Reyrolle protection relays. The discount increases with the amount of relays sent in and we will recycle all old relays received. If you are interested in this scheme or have an upcoming project you would like to discuss, please contact us below.*

Reasons to upgrade to SIPROTEC 5

  • Increased functionality - Siprotec 5 devices are more flexible and can incorporate much more functionality, so several older devices can be replaced by a single Siprotec 5 device.
  • Sophisticated automation - Siprotec 5 have vastly increased programmable logic capabilities.
  • Communication - Many communication options are available to incorporate devices into customers networks and provide much more information than older devices.
  • On-going support -  It becomes harder to maintain and program older devices. Siemens undertakes to repair and support devices for 10 years after discontinuation. It can be hard to run programming software for very old devices on current operating systems.
  • Improved diagnostics - Siprotec 5 devices have greater self-monitoring than old devices meaning customers can have a high confidence that they will work correctly when required.
  • Cyber Security - State of the art security features which support the adoption of defence in depth principles and reduce the risk of malicious attack to the operational environment.

*UK only


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