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Respond proactively to the decentralized structures in energy supply: with end-to-end telecommunications networks for smart grids, from high-to medium-voltage and all the way to households. The benefits we offer: long-term experience in both telecommunications and energy technology, tested, standardized, and customer-specific solutions along with a global presence as a technology leader.

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Transmission communication solutions

Transmission communication solutions

Digital high-voltage substations place high demands on communications.
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Distribution communication solutions

Distribution communication solutions

The communication infrastructure in the medium-voltage and low-voltage distribution grid is usually heterogeneous, and the suitable technologies depend to a large extent on the local topology (large city, rural region, distances, etc.).
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Standard IEC 61850

Standard IEC 61850

The IEC 61850 standard is more than just an Ethernet-based substation automation protocol. It comprehensively defines the engineering process, data and service models, the conformance test, and the entire communication within substations.

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End-to-end solutions

Reliable telecommunications networks

Digital high-voltage station

In the past, grid control was the sole application in classic high-voltage substations, and a legacy communication infrastructure (serial and analog interfaces) has generally been used. This configuration specified narrow-band bitrates only.

The massive changes within the energy generation structure, with unpredictable infeed of renewables as well as the deregulation of the energy markets, now place high demands on the communication solutions of transmission utilities. In order to guarantee grid stability as well as to optimize the investment (CAPEX) and the maintenance strategy, the new digital high-voltage substations generate a significant amount of data. These new applications and devices require a broadband communication infrastructure such as IP and Ethernet inside (LAN) and outside (WAN) of the substation to meet these new demands. And, last but not least, cyber security is an integral part of the communication solution.

Discover our communication solutions for digital high-voltage substations.

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Detailed information on transmission and distribution grids

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New challenges for energy networks

In terms of the decentralization of energy supply, the reliable management of power supply systems is becoming increasingly challenging. This development goes hand-in-hand with the rapid growth in the demand for communications. Solutions are manifold – but we put it all together: with a secure, reliable, and economical power supply that is closely linked to a fast, efficient, and dependable communication infrastructure. Do you want to know more about telecommunications and energy technologies? Click here for our free manual.

The Power Engineering Guide is the comprehensive manual for transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

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