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Keeping an eye on energy consumption offers benefits on numerous levels: In addition to cost savings through optimized consumption, the monitoring of power networks and power quality in infrastructures and industrial plants ensures greater reliability. At the same time, systematic power monitoring raises awareness about actual power consumption and is therefore also an important prerequisite for more energy efficiency. Integrated in open IoT operating systems such as MindSphere, these optimization potentials can be increased even further. With a simple power monitoring system, you’re paving the way for regular energy audits and an operational energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 and ISO 50003.

Learn more about the new ISO 50003 and the proof concerning the improvement of your energy efficiency.

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The system

Your entry into professional power monitoring

Identify savings potentials with little effort: The SENTRON portfolio features a wide range of measuring devices that are easy to install. The associated software is easy to use. This helps you reach your goal faster while efficiently and safely monitoring your power distribution. The TÜV-certified power monitoring system is ideally suited for small and medium-sized companies, for industrial plants as well as buildings and infrastructure.

The advantages of our power monitoring system

  • Easily scalable and expandable
  • Commissioning without expert knowledge
  • Available in small, entry-level starter packages 
  • TÜV-certified power monitoring system
  • Basis for regular energy audits and energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and 50003
  • Compliance with legal requirements 
  • Digitalization and automation even for smaller businesses
  • Power monitoring makes it possible to use important data and ensures transparency
  • No major investment required to start

Energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and ISO 50003

The power monitoring system from the SENTRON portfolio enables you to implement an energy management according to ISO 50001 and ISO 50003 and to permanently reduce energy costs in your company.

Your benefits:

  • Systematic approach
  • Definition energy policy objectives
  • Transparency of energy flows
  • Identification of savings potentials
  • Implementation of optimization measures
  • Periodic controlling
  •        Proof concerning the improvement of your energy efficiency

Power monitoring with SENTRON components

SENTRON powermanager

SENTRON powermanager power monitoring software

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SENTRON powerconfig

SENTRON powerconfig configuration software

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Learn more about our TÜV-certified power monitoring system

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Cloud-based energy management

The easy entry into cloud-based energy management

The interaction between the new SENTRON powermind cloud application and the IoT data platform 7KN Powercenter 3000 enables even inexperienced users to easily get started with cloud-based power monitoring. This creates the basis for operational energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 and thus a sustainable increase in energy efficiency.
Further Information

Delimitation of third-party quantities

Webinar: Delimitation of third-party quantities acc. to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG), Oct 29, 2020

Learn how to measure correctly.

Do you wish to continue retaining your levy privileges where energy prices are concerned? If so, you will have to clearly delimit your own energy quantities from third-party quantities. In this German webinar, you will learn about the requirement imposed by the new German Renewable Energy Act and what options you have to meet the legal stipulations. Siemens supports you: easy, reliable, cost-efficient.

Be sure to secure levy privileges with the SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 CLP measuring device compliant with measurement and calibration law.

Delimitation of third-party quantities for own power generation

In January 2019, the Energy Collection Act went into effect and as a result, the requirement for delimitation of third-party quantities. This involves important changes, also for the Renewable Energy Act (EEG). Companies that up to now have profited from the special conditions of the EEG levies are now required to document the electricity quantities used for self consumption and those provided to third parties. 


From January 01, 2022, Section 62b in the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) requires electricity customers to detect self-generated and self-consumed electricity by means of measurement systems compliant with measurement and calibration law and delimit it from third-party quantities in precise 15-minute intervals. In doing so, the operator is to ensure synchronization between the stored quarter-hourly values of active energy (kWh) to the legal time. In this regard, the SENTRON 7KM PAC2200 CLP (Certified Load Profile) measuring device supports you, combining all required functions in one device:

  • MID-compliant meter with load profile memory compliant with calibration law and national approval according to PTB-A 50.7
  • Integrated 15-minute load profile memory with a memory depth for all billing-relevant data over 2 years
  • Internal device clock with time synchronization to the legal time via SNTP
  • Logbook for detection of incidents relevant to calibration law according to PTB-A 50.7
  • Feedback-free Ethernet interface for easy integration into existing IT infrastructures with integrated web server, DHCP, MODBUS TCP 

A declaration of conformity via MID and PTB-A 50.7 is to be provided as verification of compliance with the above functions.

Learn more about the delimitation of third party quantities acc. to the renewable energy act (EEG) with standards-compliant PAC2200 MID and PAC2200 CLP measuring devices

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Highlight projects

Successful operation – learn more about our TÜV-certified power monitoring system and its use in daily practice.

See for yourself

According to the European Power Quality Survey Report, poor quality of supply in the power network causes annual losses of more than €150 billion in just the 16 selected key industries in Europe. How exactly can PQ fluctuations be identified in the course of operations? And what are the typical disrupting signals that occur in a normal operating day? This document provides an overview of possible measures to identify and deal with PQ problems.


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