SICHARGE CC AC 22-Energized design for the future of eMobility


The perfect charging station for urban applications with 2 x 22 kW

Energized design for the future of eMobility

The compact charging stations of the SICHARGE series, provide you the perfect electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public- and semi-public areas. The SICHARGE CC AC22 is capable of 2 x 22 kW simultaneous fast charging of two electric vehicles and can be installed as stand alone option or embedded in a flexible and modular environment. While fulfilling the highest SIEMENS quality standards, the charging station convinces with its elegant and robust design, that integrates perfectly in any environment and can be customized according to your specific needs.


Your benefits at a glance

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Universal charging

Your Use Cases

Providing charging infrastructure will not only attract individuals, it will define the relationship and how strong the tie will be between companies and consumers in future.

Hotel & hospitality

The perfect place to charge an electric vehicle. Staying overnight or just for a meal, in any case, guest expectations are increasing. Providing the opportunity to charge the car improves your clients' experience during their stay.

+ Attract new customers by advertising a point of interest (POI)

+ Offer charging as additional service for your guests

+ Convey the green credentials of your establishment


A perfect match for your existing offering. Consumer decisions on where to buy, what to buy and how much time is spent will all be influenced by the charging possibilities.

+ Attract and bind customers new customers

+ Set a statement for sustainability & innovation

+ Comply with future requirements

Corporate charging

The perfect time to charge an electric vehicle. Employees spend up to 70% of their daytime at work, visitors spend 20-70%. With the increasing number of electric vehicles, the expectations of responsibility and hospitality that companies should provide are changing.


+ Provide an additional benefit for your employees

+ Reduce the carbon footprint

+ Convey the green credentials of the company

Semi-public parking

The perfect opportunity. Until now, drivers just searched for a safe and convenient place for parking their car. Now, charging possibilities become a completely new motivation for visiting a parking space or spending a bit more time.


+ Increase the utilization & revenue of parking spaces

+ Attract customers with a point of interest (POI) destination

+ Set a statement for sustainability & innovation

Events and arenas

The perfect advantage. Cultural and sporting events already offer the public transport for an all-electric way to and from the event. With eMobility the individual transport is becoming more electrified and green.


+ Attract customers & bind customers

+ Offer charging as additional service for your guests

+ Convey the green and innovative credentials of your venue

Car retail

The perfect service for customers. Picking up a brand-new car or leaving an existing one for inspection and maintenance. As soon as your customer arrives, the expectation goes beyond a clean and fully available car. It should also be charged.


+ Create customer loyality

+ Offer charging as additional service for your customers

+ Set a statement for sustainability & innovation

Certified ERK metering

Official PTB certification module B & D according to German legislation Mess- und Eichverordnung (MessEV) and VDE-AR-E_2418-3-100 (Draft). The application of the ERK metering is focused on the German market and countries with similar high metering standards, with 50Hz supply frequency.

The meter’s LCD screen is directly visible through an illuminated window above the charging socket of each charge point. The metering fulfills SIEMENS high quality standards of measurement precision according to EN 50470-1, -3 (Class A) and is made in Germany.


Certified MID metering

The MID metering option applicable for 45Hz to 65Hz metering with official MID calibration certification (EU standard).

The meter’s LCD screen is directly visible through an illuminated window above the charging socket of each charge point. The metering fulfills SIEMENS high quality standards of measurement precision according to EN 50470-1, -3 (Class B) and is made in EU.

Type two sockets

The standard version of the SICHARGE CC AC22 is equipped with 2 x Type 2 charging sockets, made in Germany, according to the EV charging standards IEC62196-1, -2 and IEC 61851-1, positioned for barrier free accessibility.

Through a combination of plug interlocking and interlocking lids (shutter functionality) the access is limited to authorized users, enabling a safe charging process and connecting without load, providing a high IP54 degree of protection and additional vandalism protection. The charging contacts, with integrated pin cleansing functionality, are resistant to corrosion in extreme conditions and can be operated in a wide temperature range between -30°C and +50°C. 


Fixed cables

The SICHARGE CC AC22 can be optionally ordered with two fixed spiral cables with attached Type 2 plugs, instead of the Type 2 sockets. The attached cables are made in Germany and fulfilling EV charging standards IEC62196-1, -2; IEC 61851-1; IEC 60332-1; IEC 60228; DIN EN 50620; DIN EN 50363-10-2; DIN EN 50267-2-1; ISO 4982-2.

The cables have a standard length of 4 meters and a weight of weight of only 3.6 kg per piece. Other cable lengths and colors, apart from the black standard cables, are available as an option upon request.


Additional 230V plug per charge point

The MID-metering option of the SICHARGE CC AC22 can also be delivered with an additional 230V / 16A  domestic type charging socket, for each charge point (conformity with  IEC 60884-1:2006; DIN EN 60669-1:2009; IP54D; Made in Germany).

Standard installation is the Belgian/French (Type E) system with shutter and auxiliary contact, applicable for e.g. Belgium, France, Monaco, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain and Morocco. Upon request other plug Types D and F can also be installed. The outlet can be used as an alternative to the installed Type 2 sockets or Type 2 cables per charge point, e.g. to charge EVs, e-scooters and e-bikes.


Grid connection box (HAK)

The SICHARGE CC AC22 can be equipped with an additional module on the back. This rear attachment provides extra space to include additional components such as overload protection, RCCB, and mounting plate for the energy meter e.g. enabling a direct power grid connection according to VDE-AR-N 4100. Alternatively, the grid connection box can also be delivered pre-mounted and pre-wired but otherwise empty for subsequent installation of components.

The removable module is IP54 certified and provides the same IK10 protection level as the SICHARGE CC AC22. The module is equipped with a secured twin locking system and includes a direct cable connection to the charger. Adaptions to customer requirements are possible upon request.


Surge protection

This high performance, prewired spark-gap-based type 1 and type 2 combined lighting current and surge arrester according to EN / IEC 61643-11 offers spark-gap technology  and a floating remote signaling contact for incident communication via backend  connection.


Last-gasp function

In the event of a power failure, this internal add-on module, permits the release of the Type 2 plug interlocking system and therefore the removal of the customers Type 2 charging cable.


Twin Terminal

For reduced installation efforts, this internal electric module allows to the connection of a  second charger via a direct powerline originating from a first charger. Both chargers can be operated with its maximum of 44kW.


Mounting plate with anchor bolts

The optional stainless-steel plate including foundation anchors, can easily be integrated into the foundation, when manufactured at the customer site. The mounting plate is equipped with correct fittings for a secure and fast installation of the charger.

Full film coating

The main color of the SICHARGE CC AC22 can be customized with a film coating on the aluminum housing, with UV-resistant film in 4-color printing, applied directly in the factory. For your charging station’s color scheme, you have a choice of numerous colors from the RAL palette. Special colors are also available on request.

Full / Semi Folio

A high-quality customer specific folio design, digitally printed on UV resistant folio, can be applied as option to the charging station.

Attachment directly during the manufacturing process ensures optimal quality and warranty. Two options are offered to our customers: the full-folio option covers over 50% of the stations surface, semi-folio applies for less than 50% coverage. For both options the customer is requested to define the specific design in detail, respective templates are available upon request.

Universal Communication Options

The SICHARGE CC AC22 can be configured with different communication options for the connection with external IT systems. The standard version offers the capability for a mobile GSM data connection via GPRS, UMTS and LTE. In order to establish the data connection a separate SIM-card (e.g. as provided by the backend operator) needs to be installed in the charger. All relevant parameters can be easily configured trough the charging station’s web-interface.


Universal backend Connection

Our SICHARGE CC AC22 can be flexibly connected to any backend allowing OCPP 1.6 JSON connection. An up-to date list of implemented OCPP features for your initial backend compatibility testing can be provided upon request.

Currently connected backends are:  Allego, ChargeCloud, ChargeIT, Driivz, eCar OC, ENIO, Etrel, Fortum, HasToBe, BTT Data, Smartlab, Smatrix, Swarco ARGOS and VIRTA.

For our SICHARGE CC AC22, we also offer two additional options:

  • “Factory Configuration of a validated backend“: If your required backend is stated in the list of already certified backends, the charger can be pre-configured and connectivity tested during our production process, prior to delivery.
  • “Factory configuration of a new backend“: If your required backend is not stated in the list of already certified backends, we consider this as a new backend. In this case we offer to establish and certify the connection with this backend. With this one-time effort, you can then use the pre-configuration and connectivity testing as described above.

SICHARGE CC AC22 success stories

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