Flexible and robust charging solution for eBus and eTruck depot charging
The SICHARGE UC product family

Energizing the world of electrical utility vehicles

Providing you always with the best fitting hard- and software for your specific needs is our mission. For this, you can freely choose from the components of the SICHARGE UC product family in its various power classes. The future oriented charging setup takes care of a diverse mix of eVehicles, seamlessly integrates in any existing environment, optimizes your electricity bill and ensures that all your eVehicles are always available when you need them.

Your benefits at a glance


SICHARGE UC Product Family at a glance

One product family for all types of utility electric vehicles that meets all requirements and is suitable for both opportunity and depot charging.

Best fitting charging equipment

The SICHARGE UC product family provides a variety of electric vehicles interface options and offers broad power range from 100 kW to 800 kW.

The easiest way to connect to an electric vehicle is via a charging cable from the Charging Center. For investment and space optimization, several Dispensers with plug-in connection to eVehicle can be powered in sequence by a single Charging Center.

The SICHARGE UC product family provides solutions also for automated connection possibilities for opportunity charging via a mast mounted Pantograph or via fix contact rails installed in the mast or roof mounted Hood.

Either of such option is again powered by the Charging Center and if you want to combine Dispensers and Pantograph, you also have this flexibility.

Charging Center

The Charging Center is the core of the system.

It contains the power electronics including Siemens SIMATIC S7 controller, transformers for galvanic isolation, AC/DC converters and EMC fillters.


The Charging Center can be equipped directly with a charging cable or connected with the cable based Dispensers. Other connection options like inverted Pantograph or mast mounted Hood can be powered by the high power Charging Center unit. 


The Charging Center is delivered 100-percent factory-tested, including controllers, the device as a whole and, optionally, communication with the Dispenser.

Dispenser plug-in connection to eVehicle

As space is valuable in many public places and logistic sites, you might want to distribute the DC power from the Charging Centers via up to 5 additional Dispensers which you can install flexibly within your charging setup.

Liquid cooled cables as an option can be installed in the same Dispenser housing, increasing charging power up to 400 A.

For the air cooled version up to 150 kW we offer roof- and wall-mounted Dispenser variants along with the floor-mounted option.


The cable connected Dispenser of the SICHARGE UC family is installed close to the vehicles with a small footprint and elegant design.

Inverted Pantograph for charging with external Panto

MastPanto - urban design

MastPanto - industrial design

The inverted Pantograph is fully automated option to connect to the fleet e.g. on feeding opportunities along the route.

Siemens offers two versions that integrate perfectly into the cityscape. Whether you choose traditional industrial design or modern urban design, you will get your mast delivered fully preinstalled, electrically checked and equipped with the Pantograph.

Hood for charging with Panto integrated into eVehicle

For electric commercial vehicles with integrated Pantographs, Siemens also offers a charging Hood with the corresponding charging cover for contacting. It is designed for the efficient connection of any ISO 15118 bottom-up Pantograph system.

The Hood is available in two variants: mounted on a mast or directly under the ceiling. Special cover on the Hood makes it better fitting into the cityscape.

Each mast arrives fully preinstalled, electrically checked and equipped with the contact Hood.




Charging systems for ebuses

Siemens is at the forefront of this technology with tailored solutions that are already running on many locations.

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