MVDC PLUS – proven technology for the future electrical grid

Efficient medium-voltage power transfer in the range of 30 MW to

0 MW
  • thanks to innovative medium-voltage DC connection technology MVDC PLUS

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MVDC PLUS solution

Increasing efficiency of medium-voltage and regional power transmission

Various factors will dominate the energy supply in the years to come, including the drive toward renewable energy and the resulting need to expand and upgrade grid infrastructures. Until recently, long-distance transmission was efficiently only attractive at high voltage levels. The growing infeed of decentralized power generation is leading to congestion at distribution and transmission levels – and this in turn is producing stability issues and forcing distribution network operators and transmission system operators to expand and upgrade their grid infrastructures. 


Siemens has been a pioneer in the field of DC technology, our DC connection application allows it to provide a new medium-voltage solution that increases power transfer capability while also minimizing losses.

All MVDC PLUS use cases and technologies behind including challenges, solutions, and benefits at a glance:

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