Shore connection for berthed ships: SIHARBOR

SIHARBOR shore connection systems for berthed ships

Power from the plug and socket for a sustainable environment in the port areas

With the SIHARBOR shore connection, berthed ships can draw the needed energy from onshore and shut down their generators, thus meeting the strong environmental regulations that are being taken for ports worldwide in the most efficient way. SIHARBOR provides a fast, simple and flexible connection to the ship via a cable management system. 

Sustainable power supply for eco-friendly ports


First European onshore power supply for cruise ships

For the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA), Siemens has built a turnkey onshore power supply at the Hamburg Altona cruise terminal. The first European onshore power supply system of this type has a capacity of 12 megavolt amperes (MVA) and works with a patented, mobile robot arm designed specifically for the tidal range. The heart of the system is a frequency converter with control software that adjusts the frequency of the local distribution grid to the ship’s electrical system. The system has a specially developed cable management system for cruise ships that provides a fast, easy and flexible connection between the shore and the ship: See how it works in the video with the experts´ interviews. 

Fast, simple and flexible connection:

SIHARBOR provides a fast, simple and flexible connection to the ship via a cable management system.The system fulfills the different power requirements of port operators, ship-owners, shipyards and power supply companies. It can be installed at any port and adapted to any berth topology and power need. It can also supply all type of vessels, such as cruise liners or container ships and ferries.

Network Connection System:

The converter system SIPLINK that is adapted for network applications can connect two or more medium-voltage AC networks with different voltages, phase angles and frequencies. Furthermore SIHARBOR comprises a variable frequency converter SINAMICS SM120 CM as well as a medium-voltage switchgear NXPLUS C that is especially designed for shore connection systems.

The air-insulated MV switchgear type NXAIR is also especially suitable for application on ships due to its compact design, high flexibility, and robustness.  Various ship classifications have been granted for NXAIR, and the switchgear has been successfully installed on numerous ship types.

All these perfectly matched components provide an efficient solution for ports and ships.


Modern harbors are confronted with major challenges:

They need to adapt to stricter requirements on environmental performance, increasing power supply costs, rising demands on protection and automation solutions for the power system, infrastructural complexity, and the integration of operational data into the enterprise IT environment. Totally Integrated Power from Siemens supports harbors with a reliable and efficient power supply for the entire harbor infrastructure. An integrated approach – from planning and installation to services – helps harbors exploit their full energy-efficiency potential.

Totally Integrated Power ensures reliable and eco-friendly power supply for harbors

Totally Integrated Power offers the entire spectrum of reliable, safe and efficient power supply for future-oriented harbors. The extensive selection of software solutions for power supply and automation offers key advantages for integrated digital monitoring and operations management processes. The hardware portfolio ranges from low-voltage circuit breakers to entire microgrids and land connection systems.

Innovative power distribution for ports & harbors


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