Awarely: Enterprise Reporting & Building Insight as a Managed Service

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Awarely is a Managed Service featuring a flexible, scalable & integrated platform

Siemens intelligently connect assets, buildings and industries to adapt and evolve the way we live and work. Awarely provides a complete Managed Service for Energy Management, Building Insight, Sustainability Reporting and Invoice Validation. With portfolio benchmarking we could immediately identify your biggest energy savings.

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Awarely adapts to your needs

Awarely isn’t one size fits all. It’s designed to adapt to your business and scale as you need. No limits on assets, connections or users. Every customer receives our visualisation service as standard, enabling you to visually identify differences between meter data sets and start to understand where and how it affects you. At its most advanced, Awarely is capable of taking in multiple data sources and providing insightful results. While fully customisable, the insight service has three focus areas: sustainability, invoice/energy and assets. Customers can be given complete visibility of their data from enterprise down to equipment level, enabling rapid identification of their issues, action prioritisation & site optimisation.

Awarely Portal

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Road to sustainability: Journey to net zero

Our four stage process caters to your needs

Improving sustainability is increasingly important for many companies as they work towards net zero. Siemens can help you transition to a low carbon economic profile by setting reduction targets in line with climate science.


We understand that every business will be at a different stage of this journey. Therefore, we use a consultative approach to define a roadmap that creates value for you and your business. To aid this, we map your use cases to the four stage process that identifies business value as your journey progresses.

Managed Services deliver greater business value

Our goal is to help you maximise potential. We also understand that often the people best placed to achieve this are your own employees. They understand the intimate details of what your business needs to succeed better than almost anyone else and we have the skills and expertise to help them deliver it. The Awarely Managed Service is not designed to replace in-house teams. Instead it should be thought of as an extension to your resource base. Our Managed Service streamlines data acquisition, automates repetitive and time consuming tasks and creates insight and actions that deliver impactful outcomes. We marry industry best practice with highly trained consultants to engage with you in a way that delivers benefits. 

The Awarely Managed Service puts access to industry experts right at your fingertips, meaning that you can get the expertise and insight you require, whenever you need it. Our Awarely consultants are experts in the fields of energy, carbon, invoice and asset analysis. By collectively managing over 25,000 sites, our Awarely consultants have each been able to specialise in specific topics while maintaining the understanding of common themes that apply across all industries and sectors; they can add significant value to your existing knowledge base. 

Siemens understands the difficulties of finding and developing highly specific resources directly within your own businesses due to the time, cost and effort required to achieve the desired knowledge level, especially when the resource may be required to be multi-functional. Through the Awarely Managed Service you can access the experts you require at a fraction of the cost of employing a dedicated full-time employee. Awarely is designed to help you achieve business value through both cost avoidance and increased benefits without the burden of significant capital expenditure.

In business it is often said that to stand still is to go backwards. Siemens understands that the business you operate now will be different to the business you run three years from now and that throughout this time there will be unexpected challenges and opportunities. That’s why we designed the Awarely Managed Service to not only provide you with the most up-to-date solutions, but also to be highly flexible in allowing you to adapt to changing situations quickly and efficiently.

Siemens strives to ensure that its products are always in line with its clients' goals; helping to achieve this is the inbuilt flexibility within Awarely. The Awarely Managed Service allows clients to pick and choose exactly what they want, when they want it, thereby ensuring that it is always relevant, impactful and helps to produce positive outcomes. Siemens works with its clients to identify what is most important to them and then Awarely helps them deliver it; if priorities change, clients can alter the service to fit their needs. Furthermore, our clients need not worry about hitting any obstacles when growing with us. In fact, we already have over 25,000 sites using Awarely in the UK.

The Awarely Managed Service comes with the level of support and performance assurance you need to give you peace of mind. Our consultative approach ensures that goals are aligned while access to both the Awarely & Siemens resource base provides best practice, innovation opportunities and the additional benefit of reducing risk related to new opportunities and single points of failure.

Power BI Integration

Power BI

Power BI integration allows complex data sets to be displayed in a humanised & completely customisable way.


Siemens designs the dashboards around your business' requirements, enabling you to access the insight that exists within your disparate data sources.

Example benefits

Power BI integration allows complex data sets to be displayed in a humanised & completely customised way. A beverage chain uses this flexibility to convert its data into ‘drink units’ & alters its reports to match its unique branding.  

A frozen goods supermarket chain measures its sites' performance based on energy consumption per square foot to identify sites that perform poorly. The chain follows up the shortlist with on-site audits to provide boots on ground insights. 

A bank wanted to monitor the air quality & environmental conditions in its front of house. Since the building was historic, it couldn’t run wires through its walls, so used stick on sensors to monitor conditions & report directly to the system.

A real estate management company automates sustainability compliance over doing it manually. By automating the reporting, the company save time, creating efficiency savings and allowing them to focus on other high priority tasks. 

Awarely feature document

To find out more about the Energy Management, Building Insight, Sustainability Reporting and Invoice Validation offered by Awarely from Siemens, please download our full feature comparison document.

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Awarely Managed Service

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