Energy Supplier I&C and SME Meter Agent Services

Unparalleled visibility of and control over your SME and I&C B2B operations. 
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Innovative new metering agent services are needed to unlock supplier value in the I&C and SME Market.

I&C and SME B2B metering agent services demand a significant investment of a supplier’s resources to manage. The lack of innovation in systems and processes in this space means suppliers have been reliant on phone calls to metering agents, weekly reports and email chasers for customer updates and issue resolution. Given the major regulatory pressures to meet industry obligations, many suppliers have had no choice but to further increase the size of their own administrative teams to chase metering agents for updates.

High energy prices lead to increased levels of scrutiny of Energy Suppliers from customers keen to ensure their meters are functioning correctly and invoices are accurate, not estimated, pushing the cost to server ever higher.

As a technology leader, Siemens is focused on driving change in this challenging market, innovating to deliver real value for suppliers through new intelligent services and solutions. 

Optimise your metering services with Siemens

Siemens has been active in the metering market for over 20 years. Our end-to-end meter operator (MOP) and Elexon accredited data collector and aggregator (DCDA) services include a comprehensive set of data services, electricity meter financing, installation, maintenance and fault resolution supported by a sizeable field team. Distinct customer journeys and supporting processes mean both single site and group portfolios are provided with services based on their specific characteristics , with a focus on data quality. 


To enhance the offering for Energy Suppliers, Siemens is leading the way in innovation. A suite of digital functionality has been designed to give the supplier complete visibility and control of the meter portfolios, driving down the cost to serve, speeding up issue resolution and enhancing end customer experience.

Unlock value for your I&C and SME customers and your business.

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Visibility of and control over your customer estate

On average, 60% of customer queries need action to be taken, 40% simply need a status update.
Siemens supplier query portal analysis, 2021.

Based on analysis of our supplier query portal, Siemens found that, on average, 60% of customers calling an I&C/SME supplier channel's metering team have queries needing action to be taken, whilst 40% simply want a status update on a live job.


Based on this insight and comprehensive industry feedback, Siemens has identified and worked to address the key challenges in I&C and SME B2B metering agent services, streamlining services and developing new customer solutions which give suppliers visibility of and control over their customer estate. This speeds up issue resolution; substantially lowering cost to serve, and allowing back-office teams to be refocused to where they’re needed most.


Siemens’ MOP and Elexon-accredited DC/DA (half hourly and non-half hourly) offering is a combination of strong metering specialists as well as complete transparency of agent activities and performance. By enabling supplier teams to have a live view of job status and updates, and control over job schedules, they can respond to customer queries more efficiently and identify priority sites quickly, lowering cost to serve and improving customer experience. 

Innovative I&C and SME Supplier Channel Metering Agent Services deliver measurable value

Having engaged with our existing customers and the wider I&C and SME supplier network, it's clear to see that services in this space need to deliver more value for suppliers. Our digital services focus on providing suppliers with complete visibility of and control over their estates, reinforced by an experienced and responsive in-house team of MOP and DC/DA metering specialists. This streamlines issue resolution and job bookings, reducing customer query volumes for administrative staff and ultimately lowering cost to serve for metering as a whole.
Nick Hartshorn, Account Manager I&C Supplier Channel

Tangible benefits for you and your customers 


Ready to unlock value for your I&C and SME B2B customers and your business?

In a challenging marketplace like I&C and SME metering agent services, innovation is needed. Don’t settle for high cost, low performance metering agent services, optimise your I&C and SME supplier channel services offer with Siemens’ market-leading solutions and unlock value for your customers and your business.