Precision metering for grid, power stations and renewables

Long history of providing complete end-to-end solutions for high accuracy networks metering from installation through to operation

With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry, Siemens have developed a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions to tight deadlines. We are an accredited CVA meter operator providing end-to-end metering solutions.

Engineering Recommendation G99

Introduced in 2018, Engineering Recommendation G99 places greater requirements on generators around frequency response, fault ride through, fast fault current injection, voltage control, and variable reactive power. Siemens has developed a recording solution that meets the requirements of Annex C.6 of EREC G99 and is included on the ENA Type Test register. 

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Siemens is a leading provider of high-quality metering solutions for the precision measurement of energy in large capacity circuits

We provide a full end-to-end service including the design, build, installation and commissioning, as well as ongoing maintenance and data collection. These services and solutions are designed to:


  • Meet the requirements of the Elexon Codes of Practice within the UK
  • Provide the source data for all wholesale energy transactions
  • Interface in real time to the network control systems
  • Compensate for a wide variety of physical metering errors and system losses
  • Measure a wide range of supply and quality characteristics
  • Sustain exceptional reliability and accuracy over the installed lifetime


Our bespoke cabinets are designed, built and tested in our production facility prior to delivery and installation. They can be designed to suit virtually all site environments including offshore platforms, HV grid substations as well as industrial and power plants with site specific requirements.


They can include:

  • Integrated Monitoring Systems
  • Operational Metering Summator (OMS) LINK
  • Dynamic Systems Monitoring (DSM) LINK
  • Quality of Supply (QoS) LINK
  • Ancillary Services Monitoring Unit (ASMU) LINK
  • Fault Recording
  • Substation clocks
Wind farm with blue and pink background

Digitalising metering on offshore wind projects

When providing metering systems and services for grid substations and power stations, high accuracy and dual redundancy are essential requirements for settlement systems where metered energy volumes have high financial value.


Offshore wind systems have faced the added complexity that traditional analog hardware brings. Digitalisation and simplification of these traditional communication practices has resulted in increased data accuracy, optimised storage, and streamlined communication.

Renewable electricity generation metering

Renewable generation facilities like wind arrays, solar farms and energy from waste facilities can produce large revenue streams but even minor errors in the measurement system can have significant financial implications.


Siemens provides high accuracy metering systems for Code of Practice 1 (COP1), Code of Practice 2 (COP2) and Code of Practice 3 (COP3) that go beyond the mandatory measurement requirements permitted by industry regulation.


We provide complete metering and monitoring solutions which can be designed to suit all site environments. We also provide an ongoing meter operations and data collection service to ensure that your equipment and communication links maintain their operational reliability throughout the lifetime of your facility.

Battery Storage & Flexibility

The Siemens team have been working on the leading edge of metering systems for generators for many years both onshore and offshore. Our team installed settlement metering on the very first large scale BESS at Leighton Buzzard in 2014 when Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) was in its infancy.

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