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Did you know your building may now need heat metering?

Did you know your building may now need heat metering?

Amendments to the Heat Network (Metering and Billing) regulations mean as a building owner or heat network operator you now need to confirm if your building requires heat meters. The majority of existing buildings will be in the ‘Open’ class. This means you must complete a cost effectiveness assessment using the OPSS tool to determine if meters are cost effective for your building/network by 27th November 2021. If the tool shows require meetings must install these by 1st September 2022. Siemens can support you throughout the process with completion of the tool and the subsequent install of metering if required.


Turning point for UK energy

The UK’s energy system has reached a turning point. With electricity demand set to double by 2050 there is a paradigm shift underway. The energy system is developing into a more diverse network with many sources of power, combining the traditional centralised model of power generation and distribution, renewable generation and more local, decentralised energy systems. Siemens is driving the technological solutions to realise the benefits local energy systems will deliver of improved energy security and resilience, increase energy efficiency, lower CO2 emissions, and reduce overall energy costs.

Expert guidance unlocks potential

This new empowerment is coupled with opportunities for both current and future infrastructure, with energy flowing both ways, consumers turning into prosumers and selling power back to the local community and even to the grid. To unlock the potential of new, diverse energy systems, Siemens can work with you to develop intelligent heat energy solutions, tailored to meet your needs, whether that be for residential communities, commercial or industrial sectors, or critical infrastructure. Through our innovative products and services and proven expertise Siemens is spearheading customer-led, full-service solutions to help you control your energy future. 

Meeting the 2050 challenge head on

Heating and hot water for UK buildings make up 40% of our energy consumption and 20% of our greenhouse gas emissions. To meet the targets of the Climate Change Act and achieve the UK’s commitment to international action under the Paris Agreement, these emissions must be largely eradicated by 2050. The question is: how to approach the challenge?

Effective and efficient decentralised energy systems empower organisations to produce their own electricity, heating and cooling – consequently; levels of efficiency are improved, and tariffs driven down.  High on the government’s agenda to decarbonise heat is district heating, and Siemens is at the forefront of developing whole heat solutions to allow customers to meet their energy goals. Driven by our pioneering metering technology and engineering support, we take the approach of partnering our customers through change, and providing a vision of what is achievable: world-class practical knowledge and resilient, high-performance infrastructure.

Siemens heat energy services: A history of excellence

No one has a broader portfolio of solutions than Siemens. Our holistic approach to developing end-to-end, customer-centric heat energy solutions, coupled with expert-led guidance allows you the space to start thinking about the new models that are right for your organisation and its critical energy applications. We will be with you from the very start of the project to offer expert advice and ensure prompt installation of a safe, future-proof solution. Once more Siemens can support your project with finance plans to remove the upfront capital investment. 

Siemens’ ongoing commitment to investment in its technologies and its unmatched domain knowledge, provides customers with solutions that use world-class products and services, and leverage expert consultancy and delivery. From our project management expertise to our dedicated customer service, we will ensure your energy project is fully supported from beginning to end and into the future. 

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