Non-destructive testing

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) plays a vital role in confirming plant integrity and is also a major contributor to remnant life assessment and planning lifetime extensions. This allows engineers to evaluate component life and potential failure mechanisms, which in turn enables plant operators to ensure equipment reliability and to predict when replacement components are required.

Both risk-based and non-invasive plant inspections need reliable and proven NDT techniques. Selecting the correct NDT technique is fundamental to the safe and reliable life of operating plant and can have the following benefits:

·       Detection of smaller cracks using mechanised inspection techniques

·       Reduced inspection time through automated scanning

·       Defect monitoring to plan component exchange programme

·       Information to plan long-term maintenance programmes

We test turbine and generator components for steam, gas, and nuclear plants, during both planned and unplanned outages

Our team of NDT specialists carries out component inspections at our Service Facility in Newcastle and at power plants in the UK and around the world. We test turbine and generator components for steam, gas, and nuclear plants, during both planned and unplanned outages. Siemens also has an accredited NDT laboratory and a metallurgy team to develop and prove our inspection capability, through modelling and practical testing of manufactured test pieces.


Over the years we’ve amassed a wealth of data and knowledge. We also draw on the depth of expertise across the Siemens network and are part of a global Siemens NDE council that develops innovative testing techniques. When we identify problems, we have design and engineering teams on hand to provide recommendations and solutions.

Our expertise and investment in specialist equipment enables us to carry out NDT using the following techniques:

·       Boresonics, automated ultrasonic and eddy current turbine inspections

·       End rings, automated ultrasonic turbine inspections

·       Phased array, ultrasonic turbine inspections

·       High temperature bolting, automated ultrasonic turbine inspections

·       Ultrasonics of welds, forging and castings

·       Magnetic particle inspection

·       Penetrant inspection