Siemens Asset Performance Management (APM) for Power Plants

A powerful new solution for optimizing performance and reducing operations and maintenance costs. The future of power generation is now. 
A Practical Guide to Digitalization for the Power Industry

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Power in Partnership

Siemens and Bentley Systems, Inc. are working together to change the way plants and fleets leverage big data for greater insights and performance optimization. By combining Bentley’s asset performance management expertise with Siemens’ extensive operations and maintenance experience, fleet data, and domain knowledge, APM is a first-of-its-kind, total analytics solution for power generation.

Bentley Partnership

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Siemens Asset Performance Management (APM)

Part of the MindSphere Digital Platform

Accelerating functional digitalization of power plants

There is true power in digitalization when we can harness the insights from our plants and fleets. Siemens APM can provide insightful predictive analytics while seamlessly integrating assets to help reduce maintenance costs and enable an optimized and more reliable power plant. 


The Siemens APM solution includes a range of tools and managed service solutions to suit your specific needs.

A Single APM Solution

Siemens APM can optimize plant performance and reduce O&M costs

From basic installation and support; to full implementation, operation, and service; to performance-based contracts, Siemens APM changes how the entire plant is maintained through condition-based monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive maintenance. Siemens APM provides tools for automated decision making based on multiple sources of manual and digital data centralized in one expert system at both the plant and fleet level, triggering work orders for preventative maintenance and repair measures.

Cloud-Based automation

APM is a ready-to-implement, automated, cloud-based solution integrating Siemens’ in-depth service knowledge with vast engineering, maintenance, and design databases, enabling the workforce to take immediate action. The power of Siemens APM means that this tool can help maintain a plant by optimally determining the exact work required. Siemens APM is the first to bring this automation of process to the power industry.

Fully integrated for optimal analytics

Siemens Asset Performance Management can seamlessly integrate with your existing Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program to create a single analytic infrastructure focused on helping you to achieve your operational and maintenance goals. This consolidation of data allows for superior predictive analytics and cause determination, providing precise maintenance forecasting, to help reduce outage time and increase workforce efficiency. 

Plan and reduce duration of outages

Siemens APM can increase plant availability by optimally scheduling planned outages and reducing the duration of unplanned outage events. APM provides predetermined, reliability-centered maintenance recommendations focused on the work that is actually required, and can provide real-time, accurate condition data on key plant components to help reduce the outage duration. 

MindSphere - Powering Digital Evolution

Siemens APM is powered by MindSphere, the leading IoT operating system and data environment.


MindSphere, a global cloud-based platform, holds the key to capturing and processing the information needed to ensure your evolution into digitalization. APM on MindSphere connects your infrastructure and assets to all of the data, service, and analytic possibilities of the cloud, offering unprecedented transparency, speed, and new insights to optimize plant performance.


MindSphere enables sharing of applications and analytic tools across the Siemens network, which has over 50 MindSphere Application Centers around the world focused on new application and tool development.

Harness the Power of Big Data

A Look into the Future with the Digital Twin

Bentley and Siemens have ventured into an enterprise-wide collaboration to create a holistic digital twin to optimize performance and cost throughout the product lifecycle. MindSphere's global data handling and connectivity enables the digital twin to create a virtual replica of the power plant or plant component for predictive modeling and performance planning. But that is just the beginning.

The Power of the Digital Twin

Siemens and Bentley have partnered with San Gabriel Combined Cycle Power Plant in the Philippines to do just that, implementing the APM solution and digital twin to achieve greater availability, reliability, and customer satisfaction. See how the San Gabriel plant is optimizing power generation. 

APM at Work

Siemens and Bentley Systems bring the combined expertise of their global enterprises to the power generation industry.

Siemens and Bentley Systems have ventured into a collaboration of design, manufacturing, and software, accelerating the digitalization of power plants with a fully integrated joint technology and managed service solution. Siemens APM for Power Plants combines Siemens’ domain knowledge with Bentley’s software capabilities and asset management expertise, optimizing asset and fleet performance. The foundation of Siemens APM for Power Plants is Bentley’s AssetWise platform, which captures realtime data from various plant sources. Bentley’s AssetWise has helped plants around the world achieve greater performance and profitability, and now, with the power of Siemens MindSphere platform, APM is helping build the future of power generation. Explore how Bentley’s AssetWise asset reliability software has helped organizations achieve their  business objectives.

A Practical Guide to Digitalization for the Power Industry

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