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Full transparency and centralized management for power utilities

Power companies face a challenging market today. With an increasing demand for energy, next-generation and disruptive technologies, as well as competing new business models, utilities need to effectively manage their legacy systems while improving customer focus.

Siemens has developed a modular suite of applications that can be rolled out into preexisting power-generating infrastructure independent of the original manufacturers. Omnivise Fleet Management provides full transparency, not just on machine or plant level, but across a power utility’s entire fleet. Altogether, this can allow for benefits such as better risk management, optimal asset deployment – both cost- and revenue-focused – and improved workflows.

Omnivise Fleet Management turn technical data into actionable information. They can be individually adapted to specific requirements, such as asset diagnostics, performance monitoring, or optimized operations, opening new horizons for utilities to manage and market all their assets.

Asset Diagnostics – do you know the current conditions of all assets in your fleet?

One set of applications is fully dedicated to asset diagnostics. These provide deep insights into the conditions of plant assets and consolidate relevant information on fleet-wide monitoring screens.

Anomaly Monitor, for example, compares normal plant behavior defined by existing sets of parameters and archived data with ongoing real-time measurements. Deviations can thus be detected at an early stage, paving the way for predictive instead of preventive maintenance.

Vibration Monitor then provides further tools, such as in-depth vibration examination for all rotating equipment, which can precisely locate an event and help track down its root cause.

Performance Monitoring – how efficient and profitable is your fleet’s performance?

Omnivise Fleet Management also provides a set of performance monitoring applications designed to precisely assess a fleet’s key indicators of efficiency, performance, and profitability. Also tailored to the customer’s specific requirements, these applications can, for example, examine whether all available energy resources – gas, coal, wind, etc. – are being used economically in all areas and at all times.

What is more, asset and process performance indicators can be monitored according to NERC or VGB standards, or according to other technical and commercial aspects the customer requires. This performance monitoring provides the foundation for automatically generated reports designed to meet market and  reporting requirements.

Thermodynamic Advisor is a particularly strong performance-monitoring feature. This feature compares current performance data against a thermodynamic model of the asset or plant to generate real-time performance assessments, start-up evaluations, and valuable insights on avoidable thermal losses. Detecting these aberrations is the first step to taking measures against them, which can save power utilities real money. The thermodynamic models can also be used for scenario calculations and to distribute maintenance expenditures to yield maximum economic effect.

Operation Optimization – can you quickly adapt to market requirements and unexpected events?

Successful power utilities must not only monitor separate assets, but also integrate them to optimize resources and dispatch. Siemens wide-ranging suite for operation optimization takes care of this. Its Dispatch Optimizer, for example, considers forecasts on electricity demand, weather, and price expectations to develop short- to long-term cost-optimized generation schedules. Further, its Dispatch Manager supports utilities in meeting power delivery obligations by automatically redispatching within seconds whenever unplanned outages occur.

Other functionalities include scheduling and supporting the on-site workforce. Whether it is shift planning, task assignment, or handover from one team to another, Omnivise Fleet Management provides a means to engage pre-identified specialists according to workflow and maintenance requirements, and provide seamless information sharing.

Access deep fleet insights through a common user interface

Whatever the functionality a customer demands and regardless of the number of roles to be supported, all Omnivise Fleet Management Solutions have a single point of entry – the fleet user interface. By means of administered access rights, various role-based expert screens integrating all types of applications can be defined – whether proprietary, from Siemens, or third parties. These could include system- or asset-related dashboards, alarm sequence displays (ASDs), or role-specific workflows, for example.

With the Omnivise Fleet Management, power utilities can reach new levels of profitability, transparency, and compliance.



Asset diagnostics is backed up with Siemens’ trustworthy expertise and resources in power domain, which makes it very reliable and sustainable.
Hongbiao, Lv, SPIC, Technical Director
The Fleet Center is an investment that has already started to pay for itself. It is surpassing all the requirements we set. Our performance now is substantially better than we previously experienced.
Jim Cooley, Generation Systems Manager, Origin Energy

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