Substations with the future built in

The heart of the power supply goes digital. Digitalized substations collect valuable data from the entire power grid. This means that the heart of the power supply can also become the heart of energy data communication – and can create added value.
Discover how digital substations are supporting the digital transformation.

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Change requires flexibility

Challenges for grid operators

The energy systems of the future are increasingly decarbonized, distributed, and digitalized. This fundamental transformation is in full swing and poses a wide range of challenges for all stakeholders. Only digitalization will allow us to master these challenges.   Ensuring that the digital transformation succeeds in the energy sector requires decisiveness, flexibility, and intelligent investments in smart digital technology. This is the only way to manage current tasks while creating enough leeway to actively shape the future. Investments in innovative technologies today create future-proof power grids characterized by reliability, efficiency, and sustainability.
Digital substations

Substations with the future built in – a driver of the digital transformation

Substations are an integral component of power grids. They connect grids of differing voltage levels, and their controlling and coordinating function is vitally important to the stability of the overall system. That’s why they’re considered the heart of the power grid. Their digitalization is a decisive step toward successfully shaping the transformation of energy systems.

Digital over the entire life cycle

It turns out that a digitalized substation can be operated much more cost-effectively over its life cycle – from planning and operation to service. A digitalized substation also increases the availability, reliability, and sustainability of the entire power supply. That’s how it provides added value that’s relevant for utility companies and grid operators.

Our experience in infrastructure and software uniquely positions us as your end-to-end digitalization partner.
Cedrik Neike, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG

Digitalization aspects of a substation

The integrated 360° portfolio of products and solutions from Siemens covers all digitalization aspects of a substation. It enables operators to significantly increase the availability, efficiency, and sustainability of their grid. The six aspects are:

  • Digitalization of the substation level
  • Digitalization of the process level
  • Cybersecurity
  • Asset management
  • Grid operation
  • Integrated engineering
Added value thanks to digitalization

Substations with the future built in: Your benefits

Decarbonization, decentralization, digitalization – everything that will shape the energy systems of the future is already highly concentrated in digital substations. With their availability, these substations are able to introduce cost-effectiveness and sustainability into the power supply. The foundation of this development is the fully exploited strength of digitalization.

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Energy

The Internet of Energy (IoE, also called the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT) is an Internet of Things specifically for the energy sector, and is the product of the progressive integration of operational and information technology. Smart grid components generate data that is visualized and analyzed in MindSphere, which prepares it to deliver more reliable, sustainable, and profitable grid operation.

Your benefits from smart system components and IT/OT convergence:

  • Data is collected and transmitted to a cloud-based platform like MindSphere
  • Data evaluation and analysis 
  • Data analysis for system maintenance and grid operation
  • Generation of data-based strategies that create added value using the MindSphere Application Center

You will increase your profitability thanks to a longer system life cycle, greater availability, and higher efficiency.


SIPROTEC and SICAM products connect all the components of your substation to MindSphere and other cloud-based platforms – easily and directly. All you need to do is update the communication firmware with the standardized OPC UA PubSub protocol.

All the data is available in MindSphere and can be analyzed and visualized using the Grid Diagnostic Suite powered by MindSphere:

SIPROTEC Dashboard

A powerful application for analyzing grid quality. It lets operators analyze the network status and optimize  maintenance activities. 

SICAM PQ Advisor
A powerful app for analyzing grid quality. It lets operators analyse the network status and optimize maintainence activities.

  • Increases grid availability and service quality
  • Reduces investment and operating costs
  • Enables predictive maintenance

Find out more about the use of apps with MindSphere here


The future of grid operation has already begun

There are already projects where energy providers and grid operators are able to be much more agile and profitable – all thanks to digital technology. Here are a few such projects.
White paper

For more in-depth knowledge

In our white paper, you’ll learn how the six aspects of the digital substation interact and how extensively grid operators and power utilities are benefitting from them.