Low-voltage power distribution in the digital age

How connectivity and intelligence change our power supply. Power distribution, IT, and the Internet are more and more converging, and today production facilities are already automated and networked. These trends are influencing the planning and design of electrical power distribution, and also playing a key role in the digital transformation in industry, buildings, and infrastructure. Consistently integrating the underlying systems and components in automation and digitalization environments will bring key competitive advantages for the operators of buildings and industrial plants.
Would you like to integrate your components and systems in the Internet of Things and take advantage of the benefits?

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Gaining competitive advantages

Unlocking the potential of digitalization

The digital transformation in industry and infrastructure is opening up enormous potential for plant and building operators. Thanks to the transparency of system data, companies can significantly boost the productivity and efficiency of their entire industrial and building operation. Within a short period of time, up to ten percent of energy costs can be saved if weaknesses in consumption can be pinpointed and corrected with simple means. Savings of as much as 30 percent can be achieved if additional energy hogs are identified, peak loads avoided, and energy efficiency is optimized in production or building operation. Such measures can also help to avoid malfunctions and downtime and ensure a reliable power supply.

Simplified engineering

A digitalized automation environment based upon a reliable power distribution provides key benefits throughout the entire lifecycle of a plant, from planning and operation to maintenance. Siemens offers intelligent tools for the easy integration of electrical power distribution into digitalization. This paves the way for data transparency with regard do system states and their power supply both in industry as well as in infrastructure.

Devices and diagnostic station

Connection via communication-capable devices and diagnostic station

In smart buildings and Industrie 4.0 environments, communication-capable protection, switching, and measuring devices from the SENTRON portfolio, the SIMOCODE pro motor management system, as well as the SIMARIS control diagnostics station of the SIVACON S8 low-voltage switchboard, enable an optimally designed power distribution. Via standardized interfaces and protocols such as Profinet, Profibus, and Modbus, all the systems and components in the communication network work together intelligently. Electrical power distribution can thus be optimally tailored to automated operating processes, machine processes, and process workflows, ensuring a consistently reliable and flexible power supply.
Connection to MindSphere

Cloud-based analysis systems

The systematic recording and analysis of energy consumption is the most important requirement for greater energy efficiency and reliability. Integrated in open IoT operating systems such as MindSphere, this optimization potential can be increased even further: Huge volumes of data from countless devices can be quickly and efficiently recorded and analyzed in real time.

Fail-safe power supply

Values for electricity, voltage, and energy can be used, for example, for detailed analyses and systematic management of processes in production and building automation. Malfunctions in technical systems are identified at an early stage, failures are avoided in advance, and operation is made more energy efficient as a whole. Companies benefit from increased production, the more efficient use of their facilities, and an overall increase in competitiveness.

Future-oriented integration in cloud-based analysis systems

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Overview of our components and systems

Here you can receive additional information about the components and systems that implement the technical integration of electrical power distribution in smart buildings and Industrie 4.0 environments.

Optimal energy management

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Would you like to integrate your components and systems into the Internet of Things and take advantage of these benefits?