Power distribution that creates added value

Intelligent electrification at low-voltage level
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Trends and potentials

Intelligent power distribution pays off for everyone

The energy landscape is changing, demanding new solutions in many areas including power distribution. Correctly implemented, these solutions create many new opportunities and optimization potentials for operators of buildings, infrastructure, and industrial plants.

Digitalization, decarbonization, and decentralization are increasingly shaping the energy system. This offers new chances and opportunities, especially at the grid edge, the interface between the grid and the consumer: Intelligent power distribution takes digital intelligence to every final subcircuit. The result is much greater efficiency, reliability, and transparency, and is also an important contribution to a more sustainable, climate-friendly energy system.


All elements of the power distribution system must work together seamlessly if we are to make full use of the opportunities that are becoming available. That’s why Siemens has created an integrated digitalization concept for the entire low-voltage electricity infrastructure. The concept is based on consistent data and consistent communication between communications-capable products and smart software, systems, and solutions. It covers the entire lifecycle of the power distribution system, from planning and engineering to commissioning, operation, and continuous optimization.

An integrated understanding of the entire workflow

Our integrated digitalization concept makes it possible to leverage all the cost and efficiency advantages of a digitally supported electricity infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle.
Digital workflow

Comprehensively optimized value chain

An integrated value chain creates significant benefits for owners and operators when electrifying buildings, infrastructure facilities, and industrial plant with digital support.

A smart, integrated digital workflow for noticeable efficiency improvements

Consistent digitalization creates new opportunities and potentials for efficiency enhancement. That starts right at the planning, configuration, and calculation stage, and continues seamlessly throughout the engineering process.  


The consistent SIMARIS tool landscape offers electrical design engineers everything they need for their grid calculations, mechanical and electrical dimensioning, and even commercial calculations.


For industrial applications the new Control Panel Design in the TIA Selection Tool supports the digital electrical planning of control cabinets close to machines.


That makes it possible to design the power distribution system faster and with more specific focus than ever before, in addition to ensuring fail-safe design, configuration, and calculation, seamlessly incorporating it in automation and IoT systems, and, of course, documenting it all in accordance with the standards.


Siemens also assists the design process with extensive data packages for electrical engineering systems, for BIM (Building Information Modeling), and a wide range of further documentation. The data adds up to create a digital representation of the entire power distribution system – a digital twin that forms a consistent base for all subsequent stages of the job.


Operators can use to create an individual protection concept for their power distribution system, and the outlay for designers, plant constructors, and installers will be reduced by up to 80 percent. That amounts to a huge time and cost saving, which ultimately benefits the owners and operators.


Alternatively, operators of complex applications can reduce their planning effort still further by taking advantage of the benefits of a complete, integrated, modular solution: The SIVACON S8plus switchgear is a winner thanks to the smart features that ensure reliable, future-proof, and cost-effective operation.

Quick operational availability thanks to digitally supported parameterization

A power distribution system that is consistently planned with the digital twin also impresses with the huge gain in efficiency thanks to considerable time savings during parameterization and commissioning.


For larger and more complex projects involving multiple components, user-friendly and freely available apps such as SENTRON powerconfig and BusbarCheck App will deliver results with impressive speed.


During commissioning all devices with a communication interface are parameterized by transferring data that have been preconfigured with the help of the digital twin.


Whereas even a fast setup process used to take several days, it can now be completed within just a few hours. That reduces costs and means buildings and plants can be ready for operation much faster than before.

Maximum transparency for improved efficiency and sustainability

A digitally supported power distribution system continuously generates data that’s used to monitor, analyze, and optimize the system. That enables energy savings of up to 30 percent.


The fully pre-programmed plug-and-operate 7KN Powercenter 3000 IoT data platform processes these data and quickly and accurately gives the operator access to all information needed to optimally control and optimize the power distribution system. In connection with cloud platforms such as MindSphere and the MindSphere app SENTRON powermind, professional status monitoring and energy monitoring entirely regardless of time or location becomes possible – at minimum investment and operating cost, which even small and medium-sized businesses will find affordable.


SENTRON powermanager provides operators with an overview of all the potentials for optimization and savings, even including a comparison between multiple locations around the world. Energy guzzlers and system faults be identified quickly and confidently, and all the requirements for a complete corporate energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 are met. The reporting function even makes it possible to generate standards-compliant energy reports at the push of a button.  


Even maintenance management can be refined to a considerable degree in a digitally supported power distribution system. Communications-capable circuit breakers provide a continuous flow of information about their condition. There’s no need for continuous on-site inspection, the remaining service life can be estimated accurately, and all maintenance tasks can be planned and performed according to the condition of the devices – a further important contribution toward running all facilities and buildings more cost-effectively.

Learn more about the advantages of integrating power distribution, IT, and the Internet in our brochure.

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Key elements

How to make low-voltage power distribution intelligent

A consistent digital workflow for intelligent low-voltage electrification is based on four key factors. When these factors work together seamlessly, the result is maximum benefit for operators and owners.
Connectivity as an enabler of digitization


Communications-capable devices can take digital intelligence to every final subcircuit. In addition to their traditional function, protection and measuring devices and circuit breakers from Siemens record a whole raft of important operating data and forward them within the power distribution system. The result is a finely structured, seamlessly integrated digital nervous system that enables the power distribution system to continuously adapt to changing requirements and conditions just like a living organism.

Cybersecurity as an enabler of digitalization


Digital connectivity of power supply infrastructures brings financial benefits and opens up new value streams. At the same time, however, these systems are increasingly becoming the target for cyberattacks. The reliable defense strategy from Siemens, based on an end-to-end security strategy covering everything from individual products all the way to entire systems, ensures the fully protected, secure, and resilient operation of the power distribution system.

Apps and IoT as enablers of digitization

Apps and IoT

Key elements in intelligent electrification are applications and their integration into the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition to reliable remote monitoring of the power distribution network, the ability to transmit locally recorded data to the cloud using the appropriate gateways and perform data analyses using MindSphere apps from Siemens opens up many new opportunities. One example are precise analyses that can optimize system operation and maintenance as well as power consumption by devices in the final subcircuit.

Mindsphere Application Center as an enabler of digitization

Mindsphere Application Center for Internet of Energy

In interaction with the Internet of Things, digitally supported power distribution systems enable customized applications that optimize the entire value chain. The experts from the Siemens MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy collaborate with the owners and operators of power distribution systems to develop individual data analyses and digitalization solutions based on a precise study in order to get the most out of the data that are available anyway.


Siemens low-voltage components in practice


Intelligent power distribution – tailored to your needs

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