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Totally Integrated Power for industries, buildings, and infrastructures

Power remains important as a source of energy for industry, buildings, and infrastructures: by 2035, global demand for electrical energy will rise by an additional two-thirds. Because power is a lever to increase availability and profitability, each company has specific requirements and challenges that require a versatile, accurate, and customizable power supply. In short, power matters.   To enable companies to fully focus on their core business, Totally Integrated Power provides a reliable, secure, and efficient power supply along the entire value chain. Because power matters.

Integrated power supply solutions

Totally Integrated Power

Totally Integrated Power (TIP) stands for integrated power supply solutions for industries, buildings, and infrastructures. Siemens’ comprehensive power supply portfolio enables a reliable, safe, and efficient power supply using software and hardware products, systems, and solutions for all voltage levels.
Integrated power supply solutions for industries, buildings, and infrastructures at a glance.

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Market-specific solutions

TIP for industries, buildings, and infrastructures

Every industry has its own challenges, each project has specific objectives. But they all have one thing in common: power is important to increase productivity, provide the best possible safety, and optimize the plant availability. The modular TIP concept forms the foundation for accurate and integrated solutions for every requirement, even for service-critical equipment.
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