Strategic supplier for EPC contractors

Comprehensive portfolio of innovative products, systems, and solutions as your recipe for success

For decades, Siemens has been working closely with all major EPCs worldwide in many successful projects in the energy market. Based on Siemens’ experience, expertise, and portfolio EPCs can deliver safe, reliable, and high quality products to their customers. Siemens collaborates with EPCs ranging from strategic suppliers and consortium partners to sub-supplier for projects in various fields of applications.

Challenges and solutions

Let’s team up and succeed

Requirements and tasks for EPC contractors are especially diverse. So it’s good to have a partner at your side who understands your needs and knows your business.

Your benefits of the partnership

Siemens offer

EPCs benefit from Siemens’ experience of handling complex projects and the right portfolio for specific project requirements that is designed to meet major standards and specific demands factors such as required voltage, power, and environmental requirements. Siemens provides EPCs with flexible and customized solutions based on a long tradition of engineering and innovation. Additional offers comprise technical support and trainings as well as consultation for the planning of electrical grids.

Benefits for EPCs

  1. Maximize customer satisfaction
  2. Maintain flexibility in response to customer demands
  3. Best ratio of performance and price
  4. Savings in efforts, time, and resources
  5. Complete portfolio and solution from one supplier
  6. Take advantage of Siemens’ high profile and acceptance among end customers

Portfolio highlights for Energy Management