Charlie Cooper

Business development manager - Technology finance

Tell us about your role at SFS


My day to day is focused on building finance vendor programs with technology distributors and resellers. This allows the vendors to increase their average deal size, as well as offer their end customer an affordable solution for their technology CAPEX.


What makes you an expert?


I have worked in asset finance for over 7 years, both in Europe and Australia. I have had experience both direct to client and building vendor programs, as well as being a key part of bespoke projects in the technology, aerospace and mining industries.  


What is your favourite thing about working for SFS?


The culture and transparency – even though we are part of a large, global organisation, the culture makes it feel like we are part of a small business. We are pushed and encouraged to maintain a proper work/life balance and the culture really makes you treat the business as if it was your own. Everything internally and externally is transparent, meaning credibility is easily built both with internal stakeholders and externally to our vendor base.


Tell us a bit about yourself! 


I enjoy running, cycling, paddle boarding, sailing and (badly) playing golf. I have completed a half ironman, a few long-distance road cycling events, several half marathons, a full marathon and currently looking for my next challenge. I have also completed the Sydney to Hobart sailing training (500 nautical mile route in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!) before the race was called off due to the Pandemic this year.    


What does the future hold for you and your team?


Being a newer part of the SFS business, we are hoping the vendor base will grow quickly, utilising our easy-to-use transparent portal, pricing and general service. We have had some early success already and are looking to capitalise on this during FY22 and beyond.