Gurpreet Virdee

Business development manager - Block discounting and wholesale 

Tell us about your role at SFS


My role is so varied, I could spend a whole day writing reports and the next day could be filled with meetings.  I spend a lot of time out and about meeting with both existing and prospective customers, I really enjoy this part of my role. 


What makes you an expert?


I have been working in the finance sector for almost 26 years, and at Siemens for over 15 years now. I have worked across a large number of different departments which has given me knowledge of whole processes within Asset Finance and Receivables. 


What is your favourite thing about working for SFS?


During my 15 years at Siemens I have worked in Customer Services, Pay-out, Broker Sales, Block Discounting and Wholesale, the good thing about working for Siemens is that you will never get bored.


Tell us a bit about yourself! 


I enjoy spending time in my garden but have no idea about plants! 


I am part of the Siemens D&I Team and Charity Team and am very passionate about these topics, I enjoy my role within these groups. 


What does the future hold for you and your team?


We are one of the longest standing block funders in the market place. We are continually looking for new opportunities to grow our block portfolio and support our existing partners with excellent service and products to assist their company growth.