Andy Dawson

Account development manager - Vendor finance (North East)

Tell us about your role at SFS


My role sees me looking after vendor partner relationships across the north east of England. Siemens’ flexible financial solutions enable our partners to more easily sell their product offering to their own customers.


We work with partners across a range of industries including:


o   Reprographic

o   Vending

o   Industrial Cleaning

o   Telecoms

o   Telematics

o   Information Technology

o   Software Solutions


What makes you an expert?


I have worked in the financial services sector for 15 years and have built up a wide and varied knowledge base encompassing relationship management, credit analysis and commercial leasing.


What is your favourite thing about working for SFS?


Siemens are a trusted, stable & reliable company, who have become successful by putting the needs of their customers first. The teams in Siemens work collaboratively with the same goal in mind which makes it an enjoyable place to be (usually)!


Tell us a bit about yourself! 


I live in Leeds and am married with a 1 year old daughter, who keeps us on our toes! We also have a dog called Ralph. I love all types of music, eating, drinking, catching up with friends, spending time with family and exploring the world!


What does the future hold for you and your team?


We’re always looking for new market sectors to move into and new vendors to partner with.


There is a big focus on digitalisation at present with our award winning online portal making it easier than ever for our vendor partners to do new business and get paid out on their deals!