Sustainability at Siemens Financial Services

Practicing sustainability for future generations

Our company values - responsible, excellent, innovative – are at the heart of all Siemens Financial Services sustainability programmes.

Our initiatives are an essential part of the successful implementation of Siemens Strategy Programme Vision 2020+ and are aligned with the goals of the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We have six sustainability groups that make up our SFS UK Sustainability Groups. These self-managed groups play a key role in making sure we deliver on our aspiration to be recognised as an ethical and sustainable business.
Our Initaives

We're proud to be making progress with our initiatives


Cans collected

With revenue generated going towards the Arctic One Foundation 

300 +

Hours spent volunteering

We have logged over 500 hours of combined volunteering time in the past 2 years


Raised last 2 years

Through our various charity initiatives held throughout the year