Block discounting

Quick release cash for long-term growth

Secure revolving credit facility that allows you to raise funds against future income streams so you can grow your business

Block discounting is a finance product that allows independent finance providers and lenders to release capital which is tied up in customer finance agreements.


We offer a revolving credit facility for an agreed amount that allows individual drawdowns to be structured where we purchase ‘blocks’ of your customer finance agreements.  The drawdowns are structured to match the profile of the underlying agreements and are repaid over the average life of those agreements.  


SFS has been proudly providing block discounting solutions for more than 15 years to independent finance providers.  Over this period we have been recognised as a trusted and reputable partner with consistent market presence. We have a team of specialists on hand to support our customers across the UK with an excellent service proposition to help grow your business.


Part of our block discounting service involves conducting a detailed quarterly audit to provide guidance about how you can leverage opportunity to promote your business ambitions.  We finance what matters so you’re free to grow your business.

How does block discounting work?

  • We agree to purchase blocks of agreements at an agreed discount while you remain in control of collecting and managing the customers  
  • Funds can be released as and when required
  • Releases capital to finance further agreements on your own portfolio
  • The advance is repaid at a fixed price over a set period giving you confidence in your cash flow 

Sectors we support

Our customers operate in a wide range of business sectors and use block discount funding to finance various underlying asset types, including:

Why choose us as your financial partner of choice?

We believe in simplicity. It’s our mission to save you time and money by providing expert support and credit facilities that allows your business to achieve its potential.


SFS is able to provide facilities sizes between £500k - £10m. 


  • Highly experienced and dedicated partner with vast market knowledge
  • Flexible credit facilities 
  • Efficient processes and quick access to capital

We finance what matters so you're free to grow your business

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