Hydrogen and Electric Fuel Cell Buses Financing

Smart bus financing and the road to zero

Hydrogen and electric bus financing

Alongside the ongoing electrification of the UK’s transport system, there is currently a rapidly growing interest in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as a complementary clean transport solution. Right now, Government-led hydrogen and electric hybrid initiatives are largely focusing on the field of bus transport. The big question is: How will it be financed in the current economic climate?


At Siemens Financial Services, we are proud to offer transportation financing solutions for companies looking to expand their fleet with hydrogen fuel cell buses.


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The right route to hydrogen and electric transportation financing

Siemens Smart Financing provides the ideal route to funding for bus companies and other organisations looking to adopt hydrogen fuel cell technology.


As part of the Siemens Group – which has a longstanding history of supporting bus manufacturers – our financial expertise is underpinned by a thorough knowledge of the transport sector. We also have a deep understanding of the financial challenges today’s bus and coach operators face.


We provide flexible bus financing to operators across the UK. This gives organisations access to the latest bus and coach models, technology, infrastructure and road transport equipment, without having to use their capital resources.


With more than 40 years’ experience, we create competitive, transparent and tailored transportation finance options for simplified budgeting.