Construction Finance

Our thorough knowledge of the industry and access to finance markets make us the ideal financing partner for construction financing

Construction Financing: Helping Construction Firms Improve Service Capacity and Efficiency

Construction is a notoriously cyclical industry. When the economy is healthy, construction flourishes; when we enter a downturn, construction companies can be squeezed to the point of bankruptcy. Even when times are good, we know it can be a challenge. Materials need to be purchased, equipment needs to be hired or bought, and workers need to be paid, often all before payment for the project has been received.


It’s a balancing act, we understand. When you operate in a cyclical environment you need a reliable construction finance partner you can trust. Our thorough knowledge of the industry and access to finance markets make us the ideal construction equipment financing partner for construction companies to finance equipment. Through the provision of tailor-made construction finance solutions, we help construction firms acquire the equipment they need to expand service capacity and increase efficiency.


We have relationships with manufacturers and distributors that specialise in relevant equipment and industry categories. Our combination of financing expertise and business knowledge means you can manage your budget without impacting existing service levels.

Construction Financing Options

*Other financing options available. Please contact us for more information.

Construction Equipment We Finance

We offer a wide range of financing solutions for assets in the construction sector, including dump truck financing, bulldozer financing, material handling equipment financing, excavators leasing, and more. Contact us for a complete list of our construction asset finance solutions.
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Benefits of construction financing with Siemens

A bespoke finance arrangement with SFS will benefit your construction business. It will give you access to the latest industrial technology without having to use your capital resources, and fixed payments will mean simplified budgeting and financial transparency.


Regular technology updates could also provide efficiency savings and increase productivity across your business. We are a cost-effective alternative to bank funding and offer competitive rates.


One of our expert account managers would be happy to talk to you today about how SFS can help your construction business achieve its growth targets even in a competitive industry.

Talk to the team

If you have any questions about construction financing from SFS, or simply want to have a conversation about its benefits, why not contact a member of our team? Our specialist finance experts will take you through the detail so you understand how our finance packages can support you and your customers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *Finance for businesses, local authorities, public sector and other non-consumer opportunities only, subject to credit approval.