Financing Siemens Products and Solutions 

We help customers to achieve their growth ambitions across all Siemens companies and partners

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is proudly and closely aligned with all our Siemens businesses. By working closely with our colleagues throughout  Siemens, we provide a one-stop shop for all Siemens' customers when they need flexible finance solutions to achieve growth, sustainability and efficiency.


Investment in new equipment and technology is vital to improving productivity and efficiency and reducing time to market. Our finance packages allow organisations to negotiate digital transformation in industry affordably and sustainably.


We’ve been doing this for more than 50 years and, as finance experts, we understand how to create value for Siemens’ customers. Our team of  financial specialists understands Siemens’ products, solutions and technology and that is why we’re able to provide competitive and flexible finance solutions. We’re not only a cost-effective alternative to traditional bank funding, but we see the opportunity in providing finance for the projects and developments that Siemens supports. 

How SFS Supports Different Siemens Businesses

Next generation digital technology allows manufacturers to increase productivity, improve planning and forecasting, enhance competitive capabilities and create financial sustainability. But how can you pay for it?


Our industry finance experts have designed finance packages and solutions that help vendors and manufacturers achieve their growth ambitions and manage liquidity. They allow access to essential new technology and provide an alternative to traditional credit lines.


For more information on Digital Industries solutions click here to visit their website

Financing plays a vital role in the development of smart, reliable and sustainable infrastructure, especially in times of limited public funding or commercial budgets. However, many policymakers and business owners don’t know about the financing options that help manage risks, reduce initial costs, and make projects achievable.


You can contact us about to discuss various finance business models such as infrastructure projects from future energy saving. We understand the complex investment decisions behind infrastructure technologies and have applied our expertise to deliver solutions that help us to finance what matters. 


For more information on Smart Infrastructure solutions click here to visit their website. 

The way we generate and distribute power comes with a drive to be greener and more flexible. The new solutions and products that contribute to making fossil energy cleaner and more secure require the latest technologies to achieve environmental and operational targets.


Siemens Financial Services’ finance packages provide cost-effective and competitive solutions for organisations operating within the entire energy value chain. Our finance packages literally help keep the lights on! 


For more information on Siemens Energy click here to visit their website 

Mobility is a global challenge that’s set to stay as populations continue to grow. There is increased strain on our bus and rail networks and rising numbers of road traffic and freight volumes.


We understand the mobility sector and the financial challenges customers face. We have created  a range of options that help customers keep traffic flowing, trains and buses running, and provide greener vehicles for our networks.


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Siemens Healthineers UK enables healthcare providers to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving patient experience, all enabled by digitalising healthcare. Our innovative technologies and services include the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and molecular medicine, as well as digital health and enterprise services.


SFS’ financing support for Siemens Healthineers allows healthcare providers access to equipment, technology, infrastructure and services that improve patient outcomes and transform healthcare delivery.


For more information about Healthineers click here to visit their website

Food and beverage finance solutions

Our tailored funding makes food and beverage manufacturing a piece of cake! 

Benefits of Choosing SFS 

Financing your technology and equipment with Siemens allows you to preserve precious capital and improve operational efficiency, which means your business benefits from reduced operations and maintenance cost over time. The savings generated can then be used to effectively fund the investment


1. Finance Solutions without Large Upfront Costs

SFS can implement measures to reduce operating costs without large upfront capital expenditure. The savings generated can be used to fund the investment and operating costs can be reduced from the current baseline to mitigate costs over time.


2. Free Up Cash Reserves and Improve Cash Flow    

Buying equipment outright ties money up in an asset which will depreciate over time. Payments are spread over a contracted period, of around three to five years or longer, to help simplify the budgeting process and improve cash flow.


3. Access to the Latest Equipment and Technology

SFS works with its customers to understand their business and long-term needs. A bespoke solution provides the flexibility to upgrade or acquire new equipment and technology.


4. Get the Most From Your Budget and Affordably Finance Projects

SFS provides customers with solutions that fix regular payments, enabling easier management of capital and operating budgets.


5. Flexible Solutions

Our range of innovative financial solutions can be tailored to meet individual business needs. and the entire solution can be financed to help customers spread the cost over a fixed period. We will personally consult with you to determine the best fit finance solution.

Finance Solutions

Our Financial Solutions reflect the needs & expectations of customers both inside and outside Siemens. We have a wide range of equipment and technology and working capital solutions available. Some of the solutions examples are listed below. Please contact us to discuss your business specifics need.

Our team of experts

We have a team of experts ready to support you or answer any questions you have

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Contact us to find out more about financial solution specific to your needs. We have a team of experts ready to support you or answer any questions you have.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Finance for businesses, local authorities, public sector and other non-consumer opportunities only, subject to credit approval.