Flexible funding for higher & further education 

Invest in the latest technologies, facilities and equipment for your University or College without using valuable cash reserves


Spread the cost of your new asset over its expected lifetime

Choosing to take out finance is a big decision. Our team of financial experts are on hand to listen to your needs and work with you to provide a tailored, flexible and affordable finance solution that suits your University or College's budgetary requirements.

What can you finance? 

  • IT - Update computer hardware, software and network systems
  • Science, research and laboratory equipment - Invest in the latest lab technology and apparatus
  • Lecture rooms - Enabling the latest digital solutions, upgrade of furniture and workspaces
  • Building management, technology and facilities - Upgrade of air conditioning units and Combined Heat & Power Systems
  • Campus Infrastructure - Invest in upgrading on-site buildings, parking facilities, security, site management equipment and student accommodation
  • Industrial catering - Acquire new catering equipment including industrial ovens, fridges and specialist catering units
  • Gym - Upgrade to new gym equipment for staff and students

Types of finance options  

With budgets becoming more and more stretched, coupled with the challenges of providing the latest technology and equipment for students and staff, our tailored, flexible finance options are a cost effective alternative to bank funding.  



Types of finance available

  • Finance Lease - spreading the cost of the asset over its expected lifetime
  • Hire Purchase - make regular payments until the full cost of the asset has been paid, allowing for ownership at the end of the agreement
  • Loans - ability to spread capital cost over a number of budgetary periods
  • Operating Lease - Siemens take the residual value in the equipment, meaning the sum of the replayments will typically be less than the original capital costs.
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