Jyostna Patel 

Introduce yourself and what you do at Siemens Financial Services?

I am an experienced Accounts negotiator with an established career in the financial sector spanning well over 20 years. My professional experience covers a broad range of skills including negotiation and conflict resolution, knowledge of asset finance and consumer credit. I currently      work within the collection team working on insolvencies. 


What does the term ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ mean to you?

Diversity is having a different range of people within the organisation from ethnicity, disability, and inclusion, and ensuring that everyone has a voice and an equal opportunity to influence every part of the workplace, by making it a fair and safe place to speak up.


Have you seen any change in the industry in terms of D&I whilst you have been at the company, do you think there is more room for change?

Yes, I have seen changes in the last 5 years, but there is always room for improvement as we strive to get everyone involved and have their voice and options heard/counted.


As a company, we talk about giving everyone a voice, how do you use yours? 

I feel privileged being part of the D&I team as I feel I can contribute in many ways from a cultural, gender perspective, and as a working mother. I always feel passionate to speak up about these topics as a mother of two boys I would like them to be educated and brought up in an inclusive environment be it at school, home and within society. 


Finally, what three words would you use to sum up working for SFS?

One big family!