Rob Nicol 


Introduce yourself and what you do at Siemens Financial Services?                   

Rob Nicol, Chief Risk Officer for COF UK, a member of the UK Leadership Team with functional responsibility for Risk Management which includes lending, Asset Management and Collections & Legal Recoveries.


What does the term ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ mean to you?

Diversity and Inclusion means recognising and promoting an environment where people of different backgrounds and experiences work together to deliver the creativity and excellence that only diverse thinking can deliver. For this to work, there needs to be a culture that is genuinely inclusive with people being comfortable to contribute knowing that their voices will be heard. On top of that, frankly I just find environments where curiosity is encouraged, and differences are celebrated, more fun to be in.    


Have you seen any change in the industry in terms of D&I whilst you have been at the company, do you think there is more room for change?

Things have moved on quite a lot in recent years as D&I is beginning to be seen as a Leadership topic rather than something for a specialist interest group. There is still a long way to go as we deal with the legacy of a business and an industry where diversity and inclusion were undervalued. 


As a company, we talk about giving everyone a voice, how do you use yours? 

I have championed D&I for years both in the Leadership Team, my Function and in COF, I am an active member of the D&I Group and I sponsor the Sustainability Group which brings together a broad range of ESG activities including D&I under a broad umbrella. I try to role model the            importance of the topic with my Management Team in Risk Management by making sure it stays  on the agenda as part of business as usual. 


                                              Finally, what three words would you use to sum up working for SFS?

                                              Fun, Challenge and Success.