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The pace of change in many industries is now dictated by the pace of technological innovation.

Financial solutions from Siemens help businesses of all sizes grow, fuelling the pace of development and innovation with smart financing solutions for Siemens and third-party equipment and technology. We are deeply committed to our customers, helping customers and vendor partners across the globe from a wide range of sectors with a service that is fast and effective. Our solutions combine equipment and technology with smart finance so that businesses of any size can tap into tomorrow’s equipment and technology to build a better future.

Our solutions

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) offers a wide range of financial solutions across many markets.  The expertise we have in the world of finance coupled with technical industry knowledge combine to makes us a well informed and reliable finance partner.

Market Leading Finance - creating value, enhancing competitiveness

There is a financial solution to suit everyone and Siemens Financial Services takes advantage of technical experience to offer flexible financing across all markets.  Read more about how we can help.

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